Attending school with confidence in uncertain COVID times

Attending school with confidence in uncertain COVID times

Attending school after the longer than normal break from COVID-19 lockdown can be both an exciting and challenging time. For some, getting into new routines can also bring on a sense of overwhelm or anxiety.  With the demands of schoolwork, making new friends and socialising with social distancing rules in place, many new emotional and mental challenges may arise.


Along with the recent spike in COVID-19 cases occurring, many families are concerned about their children going to school. In this blog, we talk about the challenges that young people are facing being at school during these times, and what we can do to increase their confidence.


Impact of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Over the past 7 months, we have all experienced changes in our life due to COVID-19.


Children have been affected by the recent pandemic in different ways. Some children may have found it challenging to spend more time at home, while others might have experienced a bereavement and some parents may have lost their jobs. Children may also have had limited access to support they would normally get from professionals such as mental health services or counsellors.


Thanks to nature there are Bush Essences to support us during these trying times.


school during covid19


Feelings About Being Back At School

 Being at school during these times will bring up many emotions for children. Some might be anxious and uncertain, while others may be overjoyed to see their friends.


In England, younger children are being encouraged to mix in small groups or "bubbles" to balance the fact they are unlikely to stay 2m apart. Older children, such as those in secondary schools, are being encouraged to avoid touching one another as much as possible.


Five Corners Essence is THE remedy for enhancing self-esteem, confidence and self-love - things we can all do with more of. You can also give it to a child who has a crushed and 'held in' personality to give them confidence and bring her/him out of themselves. Five Corners Essence is in Confid Essence, a wonderful remedy for helping with confidence.


Bush Fuchsia Essence and Cognis Essence (which contains Bush Fuchsia Essence) are two of the most important essences for children as they help to emotionally support learning skills. Bush Fuchsia Essence allows for balance between the logical/rational and the intuitive/creative, i.e. the integration between the male and female aspects. All of these are under intense and rewiring through pre-puberty, puberty and all the way into the mid 20s.



Having Fun & Being Happy


Psychologists claim that two of the most important aspects for healthy emotional development for a child are learning to have fun and be happy, whilst also receiving validation from siblings, extended family and friends.


A Bush Essence that can assist this is Little Flannel Flower Essence.

This essence brings a sense of play and spontaneity. It is good for children who are overly serious. Perhaps they may be watching too much TV news, too much Internet, or have been pushed hard to excel in a sport/creative pursuit in their school studies.




Rekindling Relationships at School

Children move from being very family focused into being peer focused at different rates. Some children may find the transition to spending time with friends again quite difficult after being around their family for so long during lockdown.


Close friendships are a place where young people can practise their interpersonal skills outside of their family unit, and many will be excited to do this once again at school.


Kangaroo Paw Essence can be particularly useful for practising social skills and learning social nuances, whilst Slender Rice Flower Essence will assist with co-operating and compromising.



Fitting Back In

With the social distancing measures in place, some children may feel concerned about fitting in with their peer groups.


There is a great need for young people to feel accepted, especially by their friends and schoolmates. Tall Yellow Top Essence helps to bring about feelings of belonging, self-acceptance, and acceptance by others. It can be given over and over again, particularly through the tween years whenever feeling alienated, isolated  or like they don’t fit in.


Illawarra Flame Tree Essence is particularly good for those who experience rejection such as missing out on being selected for a sports team, not being part of the “in” group and being “dropped” by a boyfriend or girlfriend. It helps one not take it to heart, not take it too personally, be more self-accepting and be more self-reliant. Learning to deal with rejection is a life skill and helps to build resilience.


Adol Essence addresses the major issues teenagers and tweens commonly experience and enhances acceptance of self, communication, social skills, harmony in relationships, maturity, emotional stability and optimism.


Providing Support


Help your children feel confident about being at school, make time to talk about all the changes that are happening each day and ask them how they feel and if there is anything in particular that they want to discuss about being at school during these unprecedented times.


Be sure to speak to your children about why we need to social distance and encourage them to tell you if they are feeling unwell. We will get through these times together and wish you and your children happiness and positive energy.


Much love and respect,


Australian Bush Flower Essences team, UK