Australian Bush Flower Essences – Get To Know Your New Flower Remedy

Australian Bush Flower Essences – Get To Know Your New Flower Remedy

Welcome to Australian Bush Flower Essences!

Here at Australia Bush Flower Essences, we are providers of natural remedies to aid in personal growth, emotional wellbeing and to help you walk down the path of healing. We offer one of the oldest therapeutic methods, dating back thousands of years. The intrinsic connection we have with our environments and all the amazing healing properties of a flower remedy can be discovered with the use of our flower essences. Here you will find products to help you manage 21st-century issues and improve your daily life with life-altering results shared from astounded customers.

This website focus on creating user-friendly pages and motivates you to explore some of the most common symptoms of which flower essences can help you with. You can also have some fun on the find yourself in nature section, where the strength of each individual flower essence is shown to help with a positive spin to your life.

The expert knowledge of Ian White has brought to life some of our best-selling combination essences, and main products, like Emergency and Calm & Clear are some must-haves for the well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.

We are committed to providing the purest and most potent natural flower essence collected from the wild with the highest integrity and optimum emotional healing quality for you, your friends, loved ones, community and the planet. 


Together, we aim to improve your quality of life by providing excellent quality products.


Why use Australian Bush Flower Essences?

· Clarity - Using the essences should help you gain a clearer state of mind. This means you can focus on tasks in your life without clouding judgement, whilst also exploring new emotions that were hidden to you before! Let us help – try > Calm & Clear Essences, CognisBlack-Eyed Susan, Boronia.

· GuidanceYou can use the flower essences for guidance through the struggles of modern life. This is due to the imbalances encountered in life, and the essences' abilities to help you centre yourself. This influences your mental, emotional and physical well-being. We love these – try > Space Clearing, Gymea Lily, Jacaranda, Sundew.

· Reach the Higher Self - The benefits can be similar to meditation, where your body releases negative thoughts. This allows positive virtues such as joy, love, and faith to enter the body and reach the feeling of the higher self - enabling healing! Let us suggest something great for you! – try > Meditation, Red Lily, Sundew, Bush Iris Flower

· Relief - The aim of the products is to battle stressful parts of your life. This allows you to reconnect with your soul and gain relief from the alleviation of your stresses. We LOVE these – try > Emergency Flower Essences, Waratah, Black-Eyed Susan

· Rejuvenation- Your body will feel like it has been re-started with a fresh mindset and new energy. This makes every day easier when motivation is key to success - whether that be excelling at work or simply getting out of bed in the morning with a spin of positive thinking. Let us guide you – try > Dynamis Essences, Kapok Flower, Illawarra Flame Tree.

·Health BalanceMany people use the benefits of natural remedies that may help with symptoms of health concerns both physically and mentally. This can range from harmonising menstruation and menopause, to help to improve the feelings associated with mood swings, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder. These work wonders! - try > Woman Essence Drops, Dog Rose, Bottlebrush.


People say your uniqueness is your magic. Here is why are so authentic:


Australian Bush Flower Essences was founded by 5th generation herbalist Ian White. The knowledge Ian brings to the company stems from his experience in herbal medicine, naturopathy and homeopathy to help treat negative elements of human life. His level of experience has allowed him to achieve the highest possible potency of essence to ensure you get the desired results. Not only is Ian's expert knowledge used in the production of the essences, but his work is also partnered with qualified cosmetics chemists, to provide a safe, premium beauty product to you, the customer. also focus on the teachings of flower remedies to educate those practitioners interested in improving their quality of life with targeted essences, providing an array of educational resources.


You are here for a reason. Everything vibrates like energy, attracts energy. Trust the timing of your life and notice your instinct cantering


Take a look at some of our collection icons and select the one that appeals to you the most. Enjoy your flower remedies:

 Blooming MarvellousMindful YogiTiredness & Stress   Radiant Joy  Emotional Wellbeing Immunity   


 We are here to help. If you have any questions about our products, then contact and we will happily answer any queries you may have.