Be Open to Abundance & Release Negative Financial Beliefs

Be Open to Abundance & Release Negative Financial Beliefs

In the UK, the new financial year recently started (the 6th of April), and for this reason, it seems quite appropriate that the theme of this blog is abundance. The influence of Covid over these last two years has brought tremendous financial change to so many people throughout the world. Unfortunately for many it has been a very disastrous time, and whole industries, such as travel, tourism, education, and hospitality have suffered greatly. 

Very large numbers of businesses have not survived and been forced to close. Unemployment rates have soared. Airfreight prices have also gone up astronomically which has had an impact on both the availability and prices of resources and finished goods, with a huge ensuing ripple effect.

Most recently in 2022 we are in the middle of a cost of living crisis. Around the world millions of people are struggling financially as food and energy prices surge. A rapid increase in energy costs (gas in particular) has been a key part in the recent increase in inflation over the past year. Other prices which are rising includes fuel for transport, electricity, food, and other household services. Petrol prices are at an all time high and are likely to continue to rise! 

How to Be Open to Abundance with ABFE

Thank heavens for the Abund Essence! There has never been a more important time for this essence than now. This powerful remedy is made up of eight Australian Bush Flower Essences and will help those who are negative, pessimistic and feel they never have enough. With the Abund Essence, they will feel joy in sharing, feel content in their belongings and environment, and help with sabotaging spending habits that will encourage a more rich, fruitful life.

One of the key Bush Essences in Abund Essence is the Australian Bluebell which grows in the arid, dry desert regions of the country and is much smaller and of a different genus than the Bluebell found here in the UK and other parts of the Northern Hemisphere. As well as helping open your heart it also aids in getting in touch with your feelings which is very helpful if you are missing a five in your birthdate. Bluebell allows for joyful sharing and generosity, which is why it is a key remedy in the Abund Essence.

“I was introduced to the Abund Essence by a very good friend who assured me that it will work since I was/am going through a challenging divorce and a financial struggle. I have to confess that I was quite sceptical about it but felt it can’t do any harm.

Well these drops are UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING! My mortgage went ahead, my financial situation is getting better and income is coming from unexpected sources. I even found a £50 note with no people around!

I highly recommend this product! In all aspects, it will bring you the best results and outcomes you can ask for” - Testimonial by Vardit Lahav

Products from Australian Bush Flower Essences to help release negative beliefs & be open to receive abundance:

Abund Essence: Aids in releasing negative beliefs, family patterns, sabotage, and poverty consciousness. In so doing, it allows you to be open to fully receive great riches on all levels, not just financial. 

Bluebell Essence: Bluebell is made in the Central Desert, one of the main spiritual centres in Australia, this Essence helps to open the heart. It is for those who feel cut off from their feelings. The emotion is there, but is held within. They are subconsciously afraid to express it for they fear their feelings of love, joy, etc. are finite or not renewable. They operate from a subconscious fear that there is just not enough and that if they let go of what they have, they will not survive. This fear can often be marked by a controlling, rigid and forthright manner.

Christmas Bell: It helps one to manifest their desired outcomes and is extremely beneficial for anyone experiencing a sense of lack. Christmas Bell, operating at a deep spiritual level, helps one to also realise that the most important things in life are not of the physical and not to be distracted by having their time and energy consumed in the pursuit of these worldly things. We are spiritual beings and by mastering the physical we can more readily focus on and achieve our life purpose and create loving relationships.

Pink Flannel Flower: This flower is all about heart energy, evident in the intensity of its pink centre. It allows one to be in a state of gratitude for all aspects of one's life and for what they are experiencing around them. Pink Flannel Flower brings about an appreciation of, and helps one take delight and pleasure in, the details and little things in life; to see and be aware of the blessings in every moment. Otherwise life can easily become dull, flat and one’s “joie de vivre” will be missing.