Celebrating Mother’s Day with ABFE

Celebrating Mother’s Day with ABFE

Whilst the festivities vary between countries, everyone spends Mother’s Day the same way, appreciating and celebrating the wonderful women in their lives. This year, the UK celebrates the Mother’s Day holiday on Sunday, March the 27th. To prepare you for the occasion, Australian Bush Flower Essences are on hand to explore the significance of this special day and the ways you can make your beloved mum feel adored and appreciated. 


What Makes Mothers So Special? 


Before we are even born and throughout our lives, the sacrifice, caring nature and unrelenting love we receive from our mums is unlike any other. They’re always by our side and there to support us when we need them; as we grow older, they grow to be our closest friends - for these reasons alone, being a mum is a cause for much celebration. 


Ways To Make Their Day Special 


Amongst the endless ways you can make your mum feel loved on her special day, the following are classic acts, sure to inspire you on your quest to show your appreciation: 


Breakfast in Bed:


Flowers and Chocolates: This simplistic and classic gift rarely goes a miss on Mothering Sunday and can be complemented beautifully with a bottle of their favourite wine or gin. This assumes everyone drinks alcohol. For those who don't,  this would be inappropriate. Perhaps substitute the wine or gin with something neutral like candles. Be sure to select a beautifully blooming bouquet and some delicious chocolates. 


Cook Dinner: Relieve your mum for her daily duty and take time to cook her a lovely meal - be sure to clean up after too! Whilst you might not live up to her incredible cooking, it is both the thought and the effort that counts on Mother’s Day. 


A Day Out: Whilst it has been a given throughout any child's life, spoiling your mum to a day out together is something she will cherish for a long time to come. To celebrate the special day, you could spend it on a long walk together, baking your favourite treats or perhaps you could share an afternoon tea?


Honoring Mother’s Day with ABFE’s Product Range


Mumma Mojo Essence: Available as a Remedy Essence or Oral Spray, Mumma Mojo has been specifically formulated to make motherhood easy and joyful! Designed with resilience, calm, and renewal in mind, this essence strengthens the connection between a mother and her children by enhancing intuition and easing any burden of responsibility and overwhelming emotion. 

Rose Hydrating Mist: The powerfully Hydrating Rose Mist provides antioxidant protection and boosts the natural radiance and elasticity of your skin, with powerful cellular extracts, while enjoying the benefits of the Bush Essences, Mulla Mulla, She Oak, Sydney Rose and more. 


Illuminating Day Cream: Infused with the unique qualities of Australian Bush Flower Essences, the Illuminating Day Cream from ABFE helps to enhance skin tone and elasticity, whilst reducing signs of ageing, with Kakadu Plum, Avocado oil, and Olive Leaf Extract to name a few.


Body Beautiful Cream: The Body Beautiful Cream encourages self-love, nurturing and acceptance of who you are - as the formula moisturises the body, enhancing skin texture and reducing fine lines. 


Calm and Clear: The Calm & Clear Cream and Space Mist includes the positive benefits of aromatherapy, giving more clarity, and encouraging you to relax, unwind and enjoy your pursuits. This collection is specifically created for those who are over-committed and consumed by external pressures to help them find time for themselves. 


Between selfless acts of appreciation and our darling natural products designed for mums, the above guide to celebrating Mother’s Day from Australian Bush Flower Essences is a sure way to make your mum feel loved. For more on the powerful healing remedies of Australian Bush Flowers and the products within our collection, be sure to visit the ABFE website today.