Eating Problems - How ABFE Can Help Balance your Relationship with Food

Eating Problems - How ABFE Can Help Balance your Relationship with Food

Our minds and bodies take on many pressures at various points in our journey throughout life. All of us embody anxieties and stresses differently and we all adopt different coping mechanisms to express the way that we feel – which may include unhealthy eating patterns with food.

From data gathered, in the UK, it is estimated that 1 in 25 people struggle with Eating Disorders.

This emotional condition makes a person becomes overly focused with their own perceived physical flaws, believing people are looking at and judging their perceived flaws; they can have a dislike, even disgust, for aspects of their body; are overly critical of their appearance, allowing it to impact and change their self-worth which might lead to social isolation.

If we think that around 1 in 25 people struggle with this condition by disliking, feeling ashamed or embarrassed about their own body, we notice that in this country alone we have millions who need to love and appreciate oneself and the skin they are in.
The most common emotional eating disorders are Anorexia Nervosa; Bulimia Nervosa; Binge Eating; Other Specified Feeling and Eating Disorders (OSFED) all which have a common thread of emotional imbalance.

As you know, Australian Bush Flower Essences is dedicated to researching and developing solutions to support the whole person through emotional wellbeing. They do it by using ecological sourced wild native botanicals from pristine environments in Australia and creating pure and natural formulations that offer a key positive outcome to a corresponding negative emotional trait.

By using flower remedies, can help you achieve mindfulness whilst re-balancing and coping with stresses and promote self-empowerment.

Appreciate Oneself and Love the Skin You Are In

Explore the Australian Bush Flower Essences Skincare range of Essence Creams and Skin & Space Mists to find self-love and nurturing along with finding delight and acceptance of your body. Our products are certified organic for your optimum wellbeing. Try Body Beautiful Oral Spray. Body Beautiful Essence Cream. Confid Essence Drops or Oral Spray.

Essences to help Eating Disorders

To help you combat feelings of shame and self-loathing towards your body try ‘Billy Goat Plum’. This flower essence remedy can help you in acceptance of the self in the form that it is in, without the need to change. By helping to relieve stress and negative emotions, it can nurture the body into a state where you don’t go to food for comfort, but instead, you find the comfort within yourself in the form of self-nurturing.

'Five Corners' by loving yourself more than you engender a greater desire to nurture and honour yourself, to eat good food in sensible amounts and basically live a healthy lifestyle.

When you need help to relieve the feeling of guilt, or a sense of regret and remorse and low self-esteem regarding both the body and self, our pure single essence ‘Sturt Desert Rose’ which can also be found in "Confid Essence", can support you to transform these negative emotions into feelings of conviction and self-love. It can aid us in learning how to take care of our bodies and nurture them to arise from a state of negative emotion.

If you find you might be struggling to remain positive. To help with this we recommend trying ‘Sunshine Wattle’. This flower essence can help encourage feelings of optimism about the future while feeling acceptance of beauty and joy in the present.

Other Australian Bush Flower Essences You Might Find Helpful

Angelsword This powerful flower essence can help with false information of one’s body within the mind- telling oneself not to eat, that they are too fat. It can help promote clear communication with the Higher Self as well as discernment to objectively and clearly see, and be aware of, what is really happening and translate a true image of oneself in a more positive and self-nurturing light. 

Bush Fuchsia...listening to own intuition about what it is right to eat and when

Crowea...aids in helping the chronic worrier to be calm, balanced and centred

Dagger Hakea, Rough Bluebell... anger and destructive behaviour directed towards self. These emotional patterns may come up in the case of anorexia and bulimia.

Mountain Devil ....can have a very competitive nature and very suspicious and don’t trust parents and doctors.

Dog Rose...fear and anxiety around food and eating, such as the putting on of weight, or of eating and combining the wrong foods

Grey Spider Flower...for coping with terror that is felt when realising what damage we are doing to the body by destructive eating habits, or in dealing with the terror of putting on weight

Illawarra Flame Tree...for feelings of rejection by parents, doctors and friends which can be as a result of, or cause of, the eating behaviour

Peach-flowered Tea-Tree...over-preoccupation and worry about self and physical body

Pink Mulla Mulla...clearing deep psychic scars and emotional blocks around food and eating that have been there a long time

Rough Bluebell...helps those who are controlling others by abusing their own body, which may be a way of getting attention or punishing or disturbing others

Waratah or Emergency Essences...helps with feelings associated with anorexia like the despair, hopelessness


Couldn’t find what you are looking for within the list of products provided? Please feel free to contact our team for help, support, and advice.

Love, respect and healthy wishes, Australian Bush Flower Essences Team x