How To Break Your Bad Habits

How To Break Your Bad Habits

When we think about planning our new year’s resolutions, most of us will direct our attention to breaking bad habits. These usually fall into three main categories – sugar, alcohol, and smoking. Those looking to kick-start their health, will always focus on things that are stopping them from reaching a healthy body and mind. It can be challenging to break a habit that becomes part of your daily routine. We have utilised our knowledge to help you start the new year transforming bad habits to good ones.


Changing your Mind-Set

It is important to adopt a new mind-set when trying to change your habits. It is proven that if it takes 21 days to adopt a new habit, then it takes 21 days to break one. This way you can look at every day as a step towards success as there is an end goal that is bound by time.

If you find it difficult to act with self-discipline, even for a short amount of time, then we suggest using our Hibbertia Essence as it is advised for people to increase and enhance their self-discipline. If you are feeling the need to make changes in terms of being healthier through diet and exercise, but often need a little extra kick-start to get out of your comfort zones and old habits then try Hibbertia Flower Essence.


Surround yourself with Inspiration

When trying to avoid bad habits, it is important to surround yourself with an environment that is absent of those triggers. We suggest making friendships and relationships with people who have a lifestyle that you aspire to achieve. This will mean that you surround yourself with positive influences and don’t let yourself be dragged back into bad habits. If you are looking for a life direction without bad habits, then try our Silver Princess. This Essence brings about an awareness of one's life direction. Though it may not always reveal to a person their full life plan, it will aid people who are at crossroads, helping to show them what their next step is. It helps give them an understanding of that direction. This Essence is also excellent when one has reached an important goal and yet one is left feeling very flat, thinking 'is this all there is'. In this case, it gives one a glimpse or a sense of what is next and allows one to enjoy the journey whilst striving for the goal.


Breaking Habits with Essences

As mentioned, anything you do for 21 days becomes a habit. Conversely, if you want to break an old habit, if you don’t do it for 21 days then that habit is broken. However, if you find your attitude and behaviours detrimental to success, then we have a combination of essences to help you take power over your life and goals. Use Bottlebrush in combination with Monga Waratah to enable you to strengthen your willpower and break your dependency behaviour, and Boronia Essence alongside these essences to resolve obsessions and habitual behaviour. Take these 3 Essence for the 21 days of breaking your habits, repeat for a further 3 weeks if feel you need to clear any residual cravings.

We also suggest it is worthwhile to consider trying Transition Essence from time to time to cope with the myriad of changes occurring all around us. Within this Combination we have Bottlebrush, which is helping you cope with change that is occurring now, and Bauhinia to prepare you for change that is yet to occur.

We want to reassure you not to feel disheartened if you can’t kick habits over a short period. Everyone adapts differently to change, take your time, go easy on yourself as you transform your health.


With all our respect and love

 - ABFE Team