How To Manifest Wealth With Abundance Essence

How To Manifest Wealth With Abundance Essence

Wealth is defined by a plentiful supply of something valuable - this changes depending on the wants and values of each person. Some may want monetary wealth, whereas others may find the value of family and relationships more desirable. Manifestation is the act of focusing on goals you want to make a reality and ‘visualising them into existence’. Manifesting with an abundance mindset has become widely recognised in personal and spiritual development. The prevailing belief is that creating an abundance mindset allows you to:


💛 Live an unlimited, full, and satisfying life

💛 Exude happiness despite circumstance

💛 Give and receive affections and items of high value with ease

💛 Feel plentiful, creative, and inspired

💛 Take full advantage of and enjoy new opportunities that come your way

💛 Create memorable and meaningful life experiences

💛 Feel secure and confident and create successful outcomes


Our goal is to guide you through engaging spiritually and achieving your desires by focusing on the life you want for yourself.



Change your mindset - It is common to adopt a negative mindset when the journey to success appears challenging and full of obstacles. The first step in achieving your desires is to tell yourself that they are achievable and you have everything you need to reach them and remove limiting thoughts - have faith in yourself. To help with positivity, try Southern Cross to approach life with a healthy attitude and mindset, to empower yourself to create what you want.


Clarify your goals - The best way to visualise your goals is well, to actually see them visually. If every day you are opening your eyes and seeing your dream in front of you, you will be more motivated to achieve success. Try finding images that represent your goal and placing them in places you will see them, whether that be on the fridge, or set as your phone background - give yourself the constant reminder. If you find it difficult to reach clarity, try Boronia to encourage creative visualisation, where you can see and focus on achievement rather than on failure. Five Corners can be helpful for clearing sub-conscious sabotages to our conscious goals.


Take action - Manifestation isn’t about letting the world do the hard work, you still need to take the steps to achieve your goals. Whether that be working smarter in your job for monetary value, or building stronger relationships for family value, every small step can help you reach the life you desire. Black-eyed Susan can help those who are always on-the-go to focus on slowing down and find your quiet inner space where you can become aware of, and know the best way to achieve your goal.


Choose your affirmations - Affirmations involve speaking your goals into existence and acting as if you have already reached success. Try reciting the same statements daily to give yourself the belief that you are achieving your goals. 


I attract *goal* every day

I am a magnet to/for *goal*

I am *goal* abundant


Attract Abundance with Abund Essence - Receive the great riches of life with seven drops of Abund essence under your tongue. This powerful remedy made up of eight Australian Bush Flower Essences will help those who are negative, pessimistic, and who always fear they never have enough. With the Abund Essence, you will feel joy in sharing, feel content in your belongings and environment, and will halt sabotaging habits of spending that will encourage a more rich, fruitful life.



To create what you want in life and live abundantly is to consciously create ‘mastery experiences’ -  past experiences of success that create mastery in one area.

If you get better at something each and every day from today -  by Christmas you will be 167% better and will have created your mastery experience.

Christmas Bell Essence helps to manifest your desired outcomes and is extremely beneficial for anyone experiencing a sense of lack. It assists one with mastery of the physical plane and with stewardship of one’s possessions.  It is also in Abund Essence. 



Love, Light, and Respect - ABFE UK Team