Improving Intimacy Within Relationships

Improving Intimacy Within Relationships

As Valentine’s day approaches, it can highlight the need for intimacy and sensuality. Over time, it can be common for relationships to lose their chemistry and lack the level of intimacy that they once had. Even though you may feel that the honeymoon period can’t last forever, you will soon be back onto the path of closeness and sensuality. 


Improving intimacy doesn’t just involve romance and passion. Communication plays a key role in re-connecting a couple to unlock a new level of intimacy. By opening up to each other, you become more vulnerable and trusting. Improving trust translates into a more comfortable sexual relationship. If you struggle to communicate with your partner then we would suggest Flannel Flower, whilst Bush Gardenia will help renew passion and interest for one’s partner, as it helps draw together those who are moving away from one another, giving the ability to strengthen relationships.



Many people find it challenging to embrace sexuality and feel comfortable with both their body and intimacy with their loved ones. To avoid closing off the sexual part of a relationship, it is essential to find the things that hold you back from embracing your sexuality. To help with openness and to  feel comfortable with touch, try our Sexuality Essence with the power to renew passion and interest; enhance playfulness & sensuality and clear any shame and sexual trauma.To further relax you into a place where you feel you can express your desires, pair with Wisteria to awaken new pleasures and ease of physical intimacy. 


Emotional Intimacy

Intimacy isn’t just composed of sexual intimacy, it is also important to explore emotional intimacy to strengthen connections. To unleash deep emotions, it is important to feel like you are in a safe space. Use Sensuality mist to encourage passion and intimacy within your environment, paired with Relationship essence to enhance the quality of your relationship, especially intimacy levels. It clears and releases resentment, blocked emotions, and the confusion, emotional pain or turmoil of a rocky relationship.

Play Date

Our lives and relationships are brighter and more fun when we remember to play and add some adventure and spontaneity. When was the last time you and your partner scheduled a ‘play’ date? Go beyond the dinner date, find something that sparks both of you - board games that make you laugh,  outdoor adventure or dancing by the fire to favourite tunes. 

Understanding The Need For Change

The best way to overcome a challenge is by first accepting what needs to change. Relationships can only improve if both parties are willing to work towards change. Put goals in place that you both agree will help bring a positive change, turn your criticisms into a ‘wish’ list. This could include regular play dates, scheduled times to discuss your feelings, or enjoying new hobbies together. These changes depend on you working together as a team with consistent communication to enjoy the results of  improved intimacy in your relationship.

We wish you all the love and happiness in your relationships,

  • The ABFE Team