Integrity in Relationships – Love, Honour, And Respect

Integrity in Relationships – Love, Honour, And Respect

Relationships can be challenging to maintain and prioritise, especially during tough times. It is important to have integrity within relationships and to cherish love, honour, and respect. Sometimes you might need a little help to find a place within yourself to work on valuable relationships, whether this be family, friends, love, or work.

There are many different causes for strained relationships that have lost integrity. Our Relationship essence contains many essences that combined create a powerful remedy that can help with healing your relationships. By looking at the individual flower essences within the combination, we can easily help to target the areas within positive relationships that you need guiding through.


Aiding in familial relationship struggles

It can be tricky to maintain positive relationships with our families when there is strain and stress involved, and to let go of past barricades that have hindered familial relationships. Our Dagger Hakea essence can help you open to how you feel and allow you to express your emotions in an honest and compassionate way. This will help guide you through the journey of reconciliation and overcome any bridges that have been built between you and your loved ones. However, re-building relationships when you do not respect the authority of your loved ones may require some help from Red Helmet Orchid essence to enable you to build a stronger bond between child and father when respect and authority is resented. This essence is not limited to healing unresolved father issues; it can also aid those who have lifelong rebelliousness to authority and wish to forge new relationships in the future.

If there are bonding struggles with both parental figures, then adding our Bottlebrush essence can help you reconnect with your mother and assist with unresolved mother issues.


Managing Friendships and Working Relationships

Managing friendships and working relationships can be difficult if you find it hard to open-up to those around you and feel negatively affected by criticism and the opinions of others. Kangaroo Paw essence can help those who are socially inept and find it difficult to interact with others by guiding them into expressing kindness and sensitivity. If you find social settings negative and uncomfortable, try the Space Clearing Mist to help create a sacred and harmonious environment  that helps clear tense situations to restore balance. To bring group harmony, we suggest Slender Rice Flower essence to help with resolving conflict when individual egos and lack of co-operation gets it in the way.


Letting Love In

Communication with the ones you love can be complicated when tension is high or past events act as bridges you find hard to get over. Our Bush Gardenia essence can help improve communication between loved ones and re-united your relationship with a new definition. This can enable you to draw your interests back together and re-unite with passion. If you struggle with the intimacy of relationships, then our Flannel Flower Essence can help you rejoice  the joy of touch and appreciate the gentle nature of intimacy. This can allow you to open up to express your feelings and build strong physical and emotional bonds with your loved ones.


In all relationships, it is important to sit down and discuss any conflicts. We suggest getting together with your loved ones weekly and discussing any problems to enable a resolution to be found. Firstly, start with a warm up exercise that encourages you to appreciate each other and share the triumphs in your relationship. Then, move on to understanding the other person’s point of view on the conflicts, then finally compromise and solve the problem together. This will strengthen your bond and show the valued mutual respect you have for each other’s views, therefore bringing you closer together.


By practising relationships with integrity, you will have a much more fulfilled life surrounded by the support of those you love. To discover more essences for relationships, click here.