Keeping Cool, Calm and Collected

Keeping Cool, Calm and Collected

Symptoms of uneasy, anxiety and stress can affect us all from time-to-time, and when it does, it can bring unwelcome feelings that affect our emotional wellbeing.

Regaining a sense of calmness can sometimes feel like a bit of a challenge. However, there are different ways and indeed products that can help.

Living a healthy life is a synergetic sum of actions, and natural remedies are part of this. Food, exercise and thoughts, all helps you to achieve an elevated vibrational rate which contributes to a balanced emotional wellbeing.


There is no one magic bullet for regaining a sense of calm, though when it comes to coping with overcommitment and stress, we must often employ as many different tools as we can and becoming familiar with the remedies’ attributes can be an exciting and mindful learning curve.

  •  To Regain A Sense Of Calmness And Clarity 

Many remedies can help you sleep, relax, unwind, but a particularly effective remedy for you to try is the Australian Bush Flower Calm & Clear Essences. These unique vibrational remedies help to find time for oneself to relax, without external pressures and demands, using native wildflowers from the Australian bush.

It is possible to find calmness without side effects, and this makes this range safe for the whole family, including pets.

There are four different types of applications for you to select from. They are: “Essence Drops”, “Oral Spray”, “Organic Skin &  Space Mist” and the “Organic Essence Cream”.

Calm & Clear Essences’ range is for times when feeling overwhelmed, worried, stressed and impatient, to bring about serenity, calmness, peace and a state of relaxation.  


  • What We Can Learn from Calm & Clear and the Australian Bush Flower Essences

Finding time for yourself and your natural sense of balance is essential for daily emotional wellbeing.

As we move toward a more sustainable natural existence, the benefits of Australian Bush Flower Essences are becoming more and more popular for those looking for safe and quality ways to readjust their vibrational frequency. With the help of Calm & Clear Essences, relaxing and unwinding without external pressures and demands gains momentum.

The modern-day living can sometimes be perceived as chaotic and overcommitted. Knowing how our frequency is tuned is relevant and helps us to understand how Australian Bush Flower Essences work.

A flower essence is a vibrational remedy, where the unique properties of the flower is “imprinted” into the water. Like music changing people’s mood and feelings, flower remedies help you tune your vibrational frequency.

For example, if you are vibrating in the frequency of stress, anxiety, fear, guilt, shame, you are going to attract things of a similar vibration.

When you are vibrating in the frequency of peace, joy, abundance, love, balance, in the same way, you are going to attract things that support that frequency.

To manifest the energy you want into your life you have to be tuned into the energy you want to manifest into your life. For this, Australian Bush Flower Essences’ remedies are a great help.

Calm & Clear powerful synergetic remedy contains the following Bush Flower Essences:

> Black-eyed SusanBoroniaBottlebrushBush Fuchsia, CroweaJacarandaLittle Flannel Flower, and Paw Paw.


What some of our Calm & Clear customers say

" I took Calm and Clear Essence for 2 weeks noticing tremendous changes the first week, particularly the first few days. I slept really well at night, fewer hours but very deep sleep. I dreamt a lot, very vivid dreams, which seemed to have a clear message. My thoughts were less scattered, and I worried less. I became more grounded, needing to do earthy things. I took time out to cook some interesting meals and to go to the beach to sit on a rock and do just nothing. " Christina Borgefjord

" The greatest testimony I have is with my grandchildren and Calm and Clear Essence Mist.  I am a massage therapist and my grandson told his cousin, “Trent, you just have to come to my grandma’s house, she sprays you with this stuff and then you get a back rub and fall right to sleep.” If you know how to wound up my grandchildren are you would call it a miracle!!! Thank you. I love these essences. " Liz Whitehall

" I have used these successfully for a number of years - when Mum (who suffers from dementia) was agitated and upset I would spray this mist in the air and also on her clothing - whilst it would not magically stop her totally, she would gradually become calmer and comment on the beautiful aroma which took her mind off the agitation.  From my observation and experience, it is definitely worth using when a calming atmosphere is needed in the case of dementia. I place a small amount of the Calm and Clear Cream on Mum's temples and her wrists before she goes to sleep at night and the staff has commented that Mum does sleep well and is more settled in comparison to others. " Nell

I gave Calm and Clear Spray to my friend who has recently had several big operations, she says she was amazed at how totally tranquil she felt going into the operating room. Kah Wren Thriscutt

Calm and Clear: perfect follow up to Emergency for quieting the mind and stopping the mind chatter. Melissa Fullagar


 If you want to learn more about Australian Bush Flower Essences, browse our website to see the endless possibilities that our essences can unlock. If you have a query, don’t hesitate to contact us.