Leaving Loneliness Behind You

Leaving Loneliness Behind You

The sadness that loneliness can bring has been heightened because of COVID-19 this past year. It can be more difficult to find resolutions to your loneliness when there are restrictions surrounding socialisation and interaction. To help combat loneliness across the UK, Women’s Health created ‘The Loneliness Remedy’ campaign which highlights the need for social nutrition within our lifestyles to enhance our wellbeing alongside traditional self-care methods. This involves understanding the importance of cultivating meaningful connections and caring for others, to avoid the problem of loneliness. If you struggle to bond with others and maintain strong relationships, we have a selection of essences that can aid you in building the connections you need to feel the warmth of togetherness.

 Flannel Flower Essence – Flannel Flower can help those who find all forms of closeness or intimacy difficult and uncomfortable. This can open you to trusting those you love surrounding the sensitivity of touch as well as allow you to express your feelings and find joy in physical intimacy.

 Illawarra Flame Tree – It can be difficult to build strong relationships and bond with new people if you feel rejected by those around you or have faced rejection in the past. This essence can allow you to feel appreciated by those you care about without the underlying feeling of being unnoticed and unvalued.

 Pink Mulla Mulla – If you have experienced negative relationships in the past, then it can be difficult to let go of pain and move on to build stronger bonds. Pink Mulla Mulla can help you to remove the fear of being hurt from inside yourself and find the inner strength to accept the possibility of new relationships.

 Tall Mulla Mulla – The fear of COVID-19 has caused some people to feel worry surrounding mixing with others. Tall Mulla Mulla can help you feel safer when mixing with others without the fear of its effects. This can make COVID-19 easier to deal with as the feeling of danger can mean that you isolate yourself from any form of interaction.

 Tall Yellow Top – If you find yourself withdrawing from society and relationships, this essence can help you seek help and comfort to rid yourself of the feeling of alienation and loneliness.

 Waratah – When times are tough and we feel alone, it can be difficult to rise above it. Waratah can help you find the strength and courage to cope and adapt to the struggles presented in life.

Sunshine Wattle – Having the ability to be hopeful for the future is key to tackling the feeling of loneliness. Sunshine Wattle can help you adopt an optimistic mind set and accept the possibility of a bright future.

With a 79% increase in feelings of loneliness since the start of COVID-19, we want to be able to offer help to those who need help in troubling times and give them the hope that the future will be better.

See below a customer story on how our Waratah was able help her.

‘So many friends and clients have benefited from this essence. It has taken people who have experienced great dislocating change and dark night of the soul cataclysms in their lives to stability again.  It has sustained friends and clients who were traumatized by relationship break ups and enabled them to not only let out their feelings and feel secure in doing so, but also has allowed the emotions to heal and move on.  One client who was a business owner, who was living her dream and expanding her business and really IN joy, was suddenly forced to close it at the request of her partner, who did not want her to continue it.  It helped her instantly, she was able to move through the devastating closure and adjust to the new direction, relocate, and move on, avoiding a repeat of a history of critical emotional upsets and relationship break down.’