Looking Good from the Inside Out – How To Practice Self-Love

Looking Good from the Inside Out – How To Practice Self-Love

In society, we have a large focus on looking good from the outside. But to truly radiate beauty, you need to feel good from within. With the help of Australian Bush Flower Essences, you can allow yourself to open-up to self-love within you. Start by placing focus on your spiritual, emotional, and mental form of yourself to create a feeling of happiness and contentment. If you want to feel in charge of your own life, then here are a few steps you can follow to start the journey of this process.


How to Have a Positive Self-Esteem

Throughout life, we are always inside our own heads, thinking about how others perceive us. If we supress ourselves with an idea of how others look at us and our actions, then we can’t take pride in who we are as people. By using Five Corners essence, you can help release a negative self-image and begin to gain an acceptance of who you are as a person and love and appreciation of self on all levels.  If you feel overcome by guilt by past or missed actions, then Sturt Desert Rose essence can aid you in the processing of guilt and build your courage and conviction to be your true self. Dog Rose Essence can help any feelings of anxiety, fear or shyness that is relatable, so you should not criticise yourself over the fear that you feel. By using our Southern Cross essence, you can help transform your feels of being a victim into a feeling of power and responsibility for your actions. Your sense of independence is essential to gain self-love as you should be able to stand alone in life without the support of others. By using Monga Waratah essence, you gain be guided into a feeling of independence without the need of others approval or unity.


How to Feel Joy about your Life

As human beings, we all feel clearer and happier when we see direction in our lives. By creating an awareness of our purpose in life, you can reach a happier place in your own being. Our Meditation Essence will help  develop your inner stillness and listen to your own intuition to follow the right path for your life. By following your intuition, you will gain a clearer focus on what it is you are here to do. Silver Princess essence can help guide and focus you on your life goals along with Red Grevillea essence, used to work out how you can achieve your dreams. It can be easy to find a focus on where you want to be, but it can be hard to find the enthusiasm to get there. The Gymea Lily essence can help fuel your enthusiasm when you follow your passion and Dynamis essences helps give you the motivation to reach your goals, and ultimately a feeling of joy and fulfilment.


How to Develop an Empowering Philosophy of Life

It is easy to be overcome in life by the superficial constructs of success. Whether this be climbing the career ladder, or acquiring possessions, we easily become side tracked and lose our comfort zone of physicality. If you are looking to go beyond the normalities of life, and explore deeper into levels of awareness, then the Bush Iris, Red Lily, and Angelsword essences can help lead you into a deeper philosophical understanding of life. The identifying that everything in life has a purpose, can help you overcome traumatic events that may be holding you back from feeling empowered. Emergency essence can help with the initial shock of a traumatic event, whilst Southern Cross can allow you to come into your own power and enable you to take responsibility for your own destiny.  Pink Flannel Flower essence can help us feel gratitude for our present situation no matter how it is, and engender deep joy and peace.

To expand your thoughts and embrace your new life, Freshwater Mangrove can help you perceive reality in a new way.


Once you have discovered a new passion for life, your energies will reach a new level of vibrations and the body will reflect this by both feeling and looking good.


With love and respect the ABFE Team