March Focus - Empower Your Feminine Side

March Focus - Empower Your Feminine Side

Throughout history, the way women would seek and measure happiness has evolved and been empowered by a mix of self-belief, culture and social needs.

Not so long ago, past generations' women were expected to get married, buy a house and stay at home to bring up children with the person they would spend the rest of their lives with.

Nowadays, women feel empowered to achieve their own dreams and desires, and new mothers focus on guaranteeing their children are growing up to be happy and free. The household formation and constitution has become more flexible, with love and education a more open and free approach. Amongst some crucial movements, feminism has gained strength across both genders. 

Feminism engages in respecting individual needs and stimulate intrinsic feminine values which include - and are not limited to - cooperation, respect, kindness, interconnection, justice, equality, intuition, altruism, fairness, commitment...

During this month, we celebrate the feminine life of a Woman through two key dates - International Woman's Day & Mother's Day.

We all know many successful women out there, doing their own thing, being happy and discovering daily pieces of joy to balance with their complex lifestyles. Inspired by all women, and their layers of empowerment, this short article is here to highlight three key points: work, relationship and ageing.  

Whether you decided to be a mother; just started a new job; got married; are getting divorced; saved money to buy your first house; concluded a studying course; are living with a new partner; lost someone important in your life; are going through the menopause, or perhaps for accepting life as it goes with the same energy and grace...we salute you! 

Work: Stay at Home Mothers | Career Development | Switching Jobs

Researches have shown that around 71% of mums work full time outside of their homes, whilst 29% are staying home. While it is proven that the children’s benefits and life skills are directly influenced by receiving their mother’s attention, care and education, it is also noticed that mums can be personally impacted by social isolation, the desire to go back to full-time work, while some show levels of sadness and anger for not going back to work.  

One of the things we find interesting to highlight in this study is that during the last two decades the number of stay at home mums, or SAHM for short, is increasing. The biggest change comes from Millennial mothers. This empowered generation has grown up as the first virtually immersed in technology generation, and thanks to this, some of them can juggle and combine work and family development. 

When thinking on enhancing your career development or switching jobs, the world of work is changing at a rapid pace and taking charge of your own career means you are equipping yourself to map your professional path. 

Trends such as technological development, globalisation and an ageing population are all impacting on the types of skills that employers are looking for, and the roles available. 

Living in a technological world means that there is an opportunity for human energy to be directed towards tasks that only humans can do, like engage, create, analyse, treat… 

Every career-driven woman should stay committed to their decisions and flexible in their approaches. The key thought is “You are Stronger Than Your Excuses.”

 Flower remedies you might like to try:

  • For those who feel a loss of enthusiasm and drive and are emotionally off in their day-to-day activities, Dynamis Essence flower remedy might help renew enthusiasm, determination and joy for life.
  • Bottlebrush a powerful single flower essence for those who need help through major life changes and the overwhelm that often goes with those changes, such as maternal anxiety. This essence helps the bond between mother and child. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
  • Alpine Bush Mint can support caregivers who feel emotional exhaustion. This flower essence helps you feel revitalised and joy.
  • Confid Essence can help those who go back to work after a long time out of the work environment and have low self-esteem.
  • Cognis Essence balances the intuitive and cognitive processes and helps integrate ideas and information. Excellent for pursuits that require intense focus.
  • To help you wind down and calm your mind you might like to discover Calm & Clear Space Mist flower essences. Relax and feel joy by finding an inner stillness necessary to beat the stress and exhaustion that comes from overcommitting yourself.
  • Tall Yellow Top might help those who feel socially isolated since having children. This flower remedy helps to promote a feeling of social acceptance and a sense of belonging.
  • If being at home makes you feel anger and resentment, try Mountain Devil. This flower essence can help you let go of past anger with forgiveness and unconditional love.
  • For those who lack focus and feel unable to juggle the occurrences in their livesSundew flower essence can help clear your focus and allow you to think and be in the present.
  • Transition Essence helps cope with the change of environments.

Relationship: Single Life | Married Life

There isn’t a simple answer to the question of whether it is better to have a partner, to get married or to stay single, each person’s needs and preference is different. 

Socially, there is a wrong - and clearly exaggerated - assumption that getting married makes you happier, healthier, perhaps more integrated, and better off in all sorts of other physical, emotional, and interpersonal ways. 

You may know some people that over time they go from being single to getting married and staying married, and you might notice that they end up no happier than they were when they were single.  

Relationships are about balance. Sharing. Compromising.  Respect. To have a happy relationship, both parts need to act as a team. If you are not happy single, you aren’t going to be happily married as happiness comes from within. 

You might like to know these flower essences:

  • Bush GardeniaRenews interest in a relationship and improves communication.
  • Five Corners- To help you accept yourself and your own beauty and strength.
  • Flannel Flower- This flower remedy can help you to connect with your emotions as well as enhancing ease with physical intimacy ultimately helping you to express and talk about your feelings.
  • Relationship Essence Helps with communication within relationships and emotional connections and forgiveness while renews interest and passion in relationships.
  • Sensuality Skin & Space MistEncourages enjoyment of physical and emotional intimacy, passion and sensual fulfilment.

Ageing: Sexuality & Age

There’s always an elephant in the room when people talk about the older, wiser, sexually smarter and empowered being.

Values, feelings and beliefs define how mid to later life adults experience sexuality and encouraging discussions, bringing openness and inclusion just shows that one can grow older gracefully into ageing bodies and find beauty and desire whichever age.

Sexuality is a positive force. When one acknowledges their body and pleasures, it is a life-affirming influence.

As a society, respect and boundaries are usually present in our daily lives, and when referring to older adults, it is no different. Respect includes an acknowledgement for individual stages, sexual orientations and gender identities.

It is time for you to get to know these flower remedies: 

  • Billy Goat PlumThis essence helps you to accept, enjoy and take pride in your body.
  • Wisteria This essence helps to enhance sensuality and release the feeling of being sexually closed off and uncomfortable with intimacy.
  • Sexuality Essence This essence helps you to release trauma and love your body helping to renew passion and enjoy intimacy.
  • Woman Essence – This essence helps with weariness and restore emotional balance during menstruation or menopause.


Have you ever considered natural remedies to help you with your emotional wellbeing?

Sometimes life becomes cloudy and flower remedies are here to support you on your recovery journey. Get to know more about our flower essences and “find yourself in nature”. For flower wisdom, check our flowerpedia “reference & use” page or if you prefer, get in touch with our team today!