Mental Health Kickstart for 2020

Mental Health Kickstart for 2020

Often when we think about our health, we remain focused on the physical aspect of it. Our emotional wellbeing is equally fundamental to us as when we’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, it can lead us to get tired, run-down or even develop illnesses. Over time, the lack of sleep - or an inability to relax –can potentially lead to serious health problems later on in life.

More than ever we are understanding that our emotional wellbeing is an essential aspect of our health and that a positive mental attitude should also be a focus in our daily life.

A good basic example is to notice that when we surround ourselves with positive people this will have a great effect on our ability to cope with the stress of everyday life situations, and one that we should strive daily to achieve.  

There are so many activities we can partake in to challenge better health, and quite often we overlook these. Emotional wellbeing together with a positive mental attitude is paramount in our daily life and understanding the signs that you are under stress is essential. So, we have gathered together simple resolutions that can kickstart and revamp your 2020 emotional health plan:

Positive Relations

Your most meaningful relationships are with the people you love and, although things may from time to time get complicated, and perhaps on occasions even a little strained, it is important to understand the signs that may lead to a stressful environment and understanding how to deal with this will make for a much less stressed encounter.

Family is a good way to experiment with these emotions, purely as a family will be open and honest with you and will be in a good position to offer support when required.

Finding time for yourself so you can balance your emotions and be open to sharing experiences with your loved ones are deeply encouraged.

If you need help to encourage positive communication, Calm & Clear and Relationship Drops might be the ones for you. If overwhelmed by significant life changes, Bottlebrush Flower Essence can help you reconnect to your own senses, bond with the new, and be calm in turbulent times.

The Workplace

The workplace can be a stressful environment for everyone from time to time. Workplace negative situations are often better dealt with immediately and head-on to avoid any escalation of an issue. This will also reduce the anxiety of worrying about the situation.

Be honest if you are having difficulties with anything that is affecting your wellbeing and mental health then politely raise concerns with the relevant people around you. You will notice that individuals will generally try to offer solutions, as often they don’t realise the effect of their actions or words.

That said, if you decide the current workplace is not for you, make a plan of action, move forward. Sometimes the fear of change closes-up options and experiences that could be the one you are looking for.

We offer a number of essences that can help you manage life and workplace balance including – ranges of Calm & Clear and Emergency, Dynamis, Silver Princess, Macrocarpa, Transition.

Within your working day, try and find time to resolve your emotions. Don’t miss lunch and responsible breaks as they can work wonders for you. Remember to breathe. The most simple and basic survival action can be a game-changer on your emotional wellbeing.

When we push our limits without respecting our emotional state, we end up fatigued, over stressed and unmotivated.


Daily Activities And Remedies

There are many different activities and remedies that you can include in your daily life that can help you with your emotional wellbeing.  Here are a few simple practices and remedies that will help increase your happiness:

  • Find joy in the little things - a joyful life is the best thing we can hope to achieve. When we find joy in little things we produce positive vibes and feel-good energy. Try to create a habit to embrace and celebrate the small things and they will become significant in your life.
  • Do what you are most passionate about – decades of positive psychology research has shown that high levels of subjective wellbeing can translate into better health and longer life. The evidence that happiness leads to better health is clear and compelling. Don’t waste your time with things you are not entirely connected as this might have an effect on your happiness.
  • Connect with your loved ones –surround yourself with people you care and you will laugh more and find bliss. Happiness is an individual choice and choices are influenced by the people in our lives.
  • Taking daily walks - get a burst of energy and the fresh air and nature will help you restore connections that are so important for a healthy lifestyle. The time out will also help you a different perspective and that all-important positive mental attitude.
  • Join a local class and create some physical (or even mindful) goals -when we surround ourselves with similar energy and vibration, our mind is rejuvenated and is influenced by the emotions of those around us. Positive energies are infectious and encourage us to bring a more positive and upbeat attitude towards ourselves and our approach to life.


As a kickstart renewing guide these works wonders. Try:

Bottlebrush  is ideal for those who are overwhelmed by significant changes, such as maternal anxiety, retirement, adolescence, menopause, etc

Purifying Drops helps those who feel weighed down with emotional baggage who wish to be relieved of this and flush their system with a purifying, all-natural remedy.

Abund will help those who are negative, pessimistic, and who fear they never have enough.

Bauhinia - a new year and new time to embrace new ideas and concepts. This flower essence opens your mind to the possibilities of the world and helps you see clearly to the potential in those around you.

Kapok Bush - willingness and a go-getting attitude can get you far in life. Kapok Bush flower remedy can help improve your perception and persistence to follow through on your goals and to try new things.

Tall Yellow Top – when feeling isolated, alienated this essence helps to give you a sense of belonging and acceptance of self and others; knowing that you are ‘home’.

 Old Man Banksia - do you ever feel your life is heavy, slow-moving and missing a spark? The Old Man Banksia can help you redefine your life so that you feel joy and enthusiasm for what you do and those you care for. Find new interest in your life and wake up every day with a smile on your face.

Pink Flannel Flower - life is vibrant and exciting, and to see it as dull is a travesty. With the help of this essence, you can open your heart, enjoy life, and lighten your being so that you may see the world with new eyes.

Both Bush Iris and Sunshine Wattle can help where there are very long winters and lack of sunlight and SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) is very common.

Peach Flowered Teatree is a great remedy to help with mood swings and sugar cravings that can arise during the cold dark months. 

If you would like to learn more about how to kickstart your mental health and what products are best suited for your need, then visit our wellbeing wisdom pages "Find Yourself in Nature" or alternatively, contact us and our team will be happy to help.