Mental Health Week - The Power of Nature

Mental Health Week - The Power of Nature

Spreading awareness of positive mental health is extremely important to support those who may be navigating difficult times. Here at Australian Bush Flower Essences, we know the importance of helping people connect and rebalance one's emotions to feel more fulfilled.When truly feeling love, joy, courage and self-empowerment from within it will radiate through your whole being. By using natural flower remedies, you can allow yourself to let go of negative emotions and adopt a healthier, happier mindset.


Building Happy Relationships

The support of others is often extremely comforting during difficult times. By maintaining strong and positive relationships, you have the ideal support system to provide some clarity and strength during troubling periods. If you struggle to connect with others try these essences - 


Relationship Essence - To help you communicate effectively and verbalise your emotions towards others. Breaks the early negative family conditioning and patterns which affect us in our current adult relationships.


Bottlebrush Essence - Allowing you to ‘brush out’ the negative past and allow you to move on to more positive times. Helps with mother-child bonding and healing unresolved mother issues.


Bush Gardenia - Re-ignites your passion in a partnership, and desire for positive relationships and communication


Creating a Calm and Safe Space

It is easy to become stressed and negative when your environment doesn’t bring you calmness and clarity. To balance your emotions, you need to feel balanced in both yourself, and your space. To achieve a life with less stress try these essences- 


Calm and Clear Essence Drops - Allowing you to relax and enjoy your inner peace.


Organic Calm and Clear Space Mist - You will relax and feel joy by finding an inner stillness necessary to beat the stress and exhaustion that comes from overcommitting yourself.


Space Clearing Mist - to help create a sacred and harmonious environment. Use to restore balance and  clear tense situations and negative environments. 


Boost Essence - Aiding you to feel calm, collected, and balanced. Feeling safe through changing and challenging times.


Small Ways To Bring Joy

  • Going on a walk alone and remind yourself of the things you are grateful for
  • Positive affirmations and Inspiration board
  • Enjoying your favourite foods
  • Calling a loved one to discuss topics you are passionate about
  • Taking time for a hobby that you enjoy


Try taking small steps towards making each day a better day, you will surprise yourself how easy it can be to take charge of your emotional wellbeing with lifestyle changes and our flower essences.


Love, Light, and Respect - ABFE UK