Spiritual Essences - Assisting Through COVID-19

Spiritual Essences - Assisting Through COVID-19

In the past couple of months, we have been talking a lot about how the Australian Bush Flower Essences are able to help us deal with issues arising from the COVID-19 crisis we are all experiencing around the world.

In this blog we are going to focus on an equally important area – the Spiritual – and to remind you of how we can take advantage of this transformative time in an extremely beneficial way by working with our three Spiritual ranges of Essences.

They can help lift you out of the reality of the virus and direct you inwards, to discover other aspects of yourself.

These Spiritual Essences can lift you into the higher realms of your being, the source of your being.


Focusing on the Spiritual

We see all the remedies, Bush Essences, White Light, Light Frequency and Divine Presence Essences as being an amazing garden from which you can choose for yourself whatever you are needing, on whatever level - emotional, mental, spiritual etc. At this point in time there is a tremendous need for focusing on the Spiritual. 
There is a huge story unfolding in our world at the moment, the Light and the Dark, the High and the Low, all being brought together in this one unprecedented event.

One that has been much expected and awaited and offers an open doorway for the evolution of all of humanity, which some will take while others won’t see or understand. There is great polarity at this time in the world.


Our Planet Is Improving 

In 2020 we are in a global Year Four, which is a great time for slowing down, relaxing, taking plenty of rest and generally looking after yourself on a physical level. With the world in lockdown people have been doing exactly this, being less busy, travelling less and generally making sure they're healthy and their immune system is strong. It’s also been a very beneficial time for the planet with less pollution stemming from industry and humanity’s busyness.

It’s a good thing too, as we have been coming very close to the point of the maximum level of pollution on the Earth, where life can continue to thrive. Humanity needs to find a connection, harmony and peace with Mother Earth or Gaia, to be aligned with the consciousness of Gaia.


The Gaia Essence

This is exactly the reason why the Gaia Essence was brought through by Spirit in connection with Gaia herself. She sees herself as “our Mother” and she is raising her consciousness in response from the creative impulses Of the solar rays emanating from the Heart of the Divine. Gaia wants us, as “her children,” to also raise our consciousness and evolve with her. This impulse is going throughout the whole universe and we are entering a new cycle.

It occurs every 64,000 years. I have written about this in the December 2015 Newsletter in relation to the Solar Logos Essence


Moving Into The Fourth Dimension 

Right now, we are seeing a huge surge of love, light and spiritual impetus flooding in on the golden rays of the Solar Logos. The level of White Light and Christ Consciousness flowing down to us is increasing.  We have started a process, which may take anywhere from thirty to fifty years, to move from the third dimension through to the fourth. It is a very intense time right now.

You can be experiencing quite major swings ranging from spiritual bliss when in touch with the higher vibrations and then finding yourself feeling physically exhausted, back in the depths of the third dimension where many are also working, both consciously, though mainly unconsciously, on shifting and clearing their own karma, which can be very heavy.


The Isis Essence

There is also an additional layer with the intentional propagation of fear being used as a way of controlling people, which is, at the moment, very insidious and successful. This time is a test, an initiation for us to pursue a higher vibration despite the attack, being told lies and the effort to control.

The Isis Essence is wonderful to work with when caught up in any of these intense or negative emotions. Isis, the Divine Mother, the Divine Feminine, is a spiritual being whose message to us is, “Give me your pain, give me your suffering and I’ll give you love and courage.”



The Solar Logos Essence

The Solar Logos Essence brings in the light and brings our spiritual blockages up to the surface so they can be dissolved. It’s a fantastic time to be working with this Essence as there is such a flood of spiritual energies flooding on to the Earth at the moment and this Essence will help you to really make the most of this current opportunity.

For those who want the same effect but who want to do it in a gentler manner, we would recommend working with the Rainbow Essence prior to starting the Solar Logos. Our other recommendation is that before taking Solar Logos you have at least a two week period of taking the Gaia Essence to help ground and anchor you so you can more readily take in, assimilate and utilise the Solar Logos energy.


Beings of Light

There are so many Beings of Light focussed on the Earth at the moment, to ensure the best outcome for the Earth and all beings on it. They are here to assist us to evolve and to decrease the density of light on the planet, to help us feel One with the Universe.

They are here, literally millions of souls, to help us to create a new world and bring in the Christ Light and to help us more fully incarnate our Higher Self and to more fully express love. No matter what is going on in the world you are safe and protected and no one can hurt you if you are radiating your spiritual light.

It is also important to keep very grounded and connected to Nature (SundewEarth EssenceGaia Essence) as well as being open to receiving these spiritual energies available to us. Lake Baikal Essence is another remedy to open us up to and avail ourselves to all these radiant energies. Mt Pinatubo Essence especially, along with all of the Divine Presence Essences, helps you to bring through more of your Higher Self, your pure essence and to remember who you are.



Madagascar Essence

Another very crucial and relevant remedy to consider is the Madagascar Essence

The most important healing quality of this Essence is its potential to remove limiting beliefs around our health and wellbeing that we absorb from mass consciousness.

The latter is the accumulation of every thought and feeling from everyone who has ever lived on this planet. Every child when born takes on, almost by osmosis, mass consciousness including all the responses to previous pandemics ranging from the Bubonic Plague, the Black Death, Ebola and the Spanish flu etc, which are contained in the mass consciousness.

When something like this current pandemic occurs, we can get plugged in to some very old stuff, which affects how we respond to the current situation.



Meditation Essence

We feel that having a daily meditation practise is essential at the best of times, but especially so now. Having such a practise will allow you to get even greater benefit from any of the Spiritual Essences you may be taking - in fact all Essences! As well as taking any of Spiritual Essences or the Bush Essence Meditation Essence, on rising and retiring you can also take a dose immediately before your spiritual practise, whether it be prayer, meditation etc. 



If you need any support regarding our spiritual essences, please feel free to contact our ausflowers.co.uk team for help, support, and advice.

Love, respect and healthy wishes, Australian Bush Flower Essences Team x