The Christmas Guide for Peace & Joy

The Christmas Guide for Peace & Joy

Christmas is a time to wind down before getting ready for the New Year ahead. But, for some it can be a period of stress and un-ease that heightens un-necessary tension. Trying to find a balance between relieving the stress and finding your own escape, whilst also enjoying the festivities can be a fine balance as there is an expectation to keep the festive cheer in the run up to the joyous season.


Peaceful relationships

This time of year, we spend a lot more time with family and friends to enjoy the festivities. However, not all relationships are positive and this can lead to increased tension over the Christmas period as you are spending more time with these people in an environment that may seem trapping. It is important to balance your time celebrating with others, whilst also preparing for the coming year within yourself and being alone with your own thoughts. Try these essences to help your home feel tranquil and joyful –


Space Clearing Mist – harmonise your space. By clearing the room with this natural remedy comprised of Australian Bush Flower Essences and the blend of high-quality essential oils, you can clear negative energy and calm tense situations and restore balance.


Relationship Essence - The Relationship Essence helps by encouraging communication and by helping you verbalise your emotions. It clears and releases resentment, blocked emotions, and the confusion, emotional pain and turmoil of a rocky relationship.


Giving at Christmas on a Budget

 Money can be a difficult topic for many as Christmas approaches. The worry of budgeting whilst also buying great gifts can cause stress and upset. We have some tips to alleviate the end-of-year financial stress and keep you on budget –


  • Buy Christmas gifts throughout the year. This is a great idea as it spaces the cost over a longer period, therefore releasing you of the financial burden the festive period brings.


  • Make your own gifts. If you have a creative spark within you, why not challenge yourself to gift handmade presents bespoke to each of the recipients. Not only will this save you money, it is also a one of a kind gift that will be held with sentimental value.


  • Making delicious Christmas biscuits, cakes or preserves for gifts with handmade cards can be easy and enjoyable for all. You can also make simple Christmas decorations, with thousands of Christmas ideas on Pinterest.


And discover the perfect essence below to unleash your creativity –

Creative Essence Drops –Clear all creative blocks. Creative Essence, a natural and wild crafted combination of seven Australian Bush Flower Essences designed specifically to help your creative energies flow so that you feel more comfortable and inspired in your creative and emotional expressions and removing your inner critic.


Festive To Do List

There doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day running up to the Christmas break. Managing your time to get all the festive tasks done can be difficult and stressful, especially when the pressure is put on by others. We have included our best tips on how to effectively manage your time to enjoy all the festivities.


  • Utilise your calendar, or ‘To Do’ Apps. Whether it is on the fridge, or stored on your mobile phone, there is an ideal solution to storing important dates and arrangements and ticking them off your list feels rewarding.


  • Start a month early. This doesn’t mean buying gifts, this involves creating a full Christmas to-do list for throughout December to plan your tasks day by day. This way, if you have too many tasks for the timeframe, you can allocate more time earlier, or remove what is not so important.


Try some Calm & Clear Essence to help you when you are constantly under pressure with too much to do. This remedy helps you go about your day with calmness and peace and achieving your tasks in a more relaxed and fun way.


We wish you tidings of comfort and joy!

With Love, Light and Respect, the ABFE Team