The Guide to Successful Goal Setting – With Australian Bush Flower Essences

The Guide to Successful Goal Setting – With Australian Bush Flower Essences

When we step into a new year, we all think to set personal resolutions that will improve our lives in the coming year. Many people use this as an opportunity to set both long and short term goals. This helps give people’s lives more direction and guide the journey of happiness, fulfilment, and personal development. We have utilised our knowledge to give you some tips to set successful achievable goals in 2021.



When you are motivated to make a change, then the change is always easier as you have a desire to keep to your goal. If you set a goal that doesn’t satisfy a strong need in your life, then you are more likely to fail when trying to achieve. However, sometimes it can be hard to find your true motivators, especially in challenging times. We have the perfect recommendations to help motivate you to set successful goals –

 Banksia Robur - This Essence addresses temporary loss of drive and enthusiasm due to burn out, disappointment or frustration.

Old Man Banksia - This Essence helps to bring a spark into those people's lives who are heavy and slow moving.



Plan of Action

When you have many things that you want to achieve, it can be tricky to prioritise and work out a plan to attain success. The best way to make your goals feel achievable, is to separate each one and plan over a set time how you will fulfil them. This will avoid you losing motivation on goals that seem too overwhelming to complete. If you have trouble with feeling overwhelmed without a plan, we have the perfect essences - 

Paw Paw - For the assimilation and integration of new ideas and information, especially where there is a tendency to feel overwhelmed by the quality and quantity of that information. 

Sundew – Helps with focusing on what is needed to achieve your goal and stopping any procrastination.


Relevant Goals

The relevance of your goals is key to success. If they are all small steps to a bigger goal, then you have your sights set better on a successful future. This will mean every small goal that you achieve leaves you one step closer. If you have big long-term goals, then this will make them much easier to achieve, especially if you are lacking motivation.

Kapok Bush - Giving up and not trying because it is too hard; breaking the goal into smaller parts or steps that can easily be achieved one by one, rather than just seeing one big overwhelming project.


Essences for Goal Setting

Black Eyed Susan -  for the 'go-go-go' type person, helping them to slow down and find their quiet inner space where they can become aware of, and know the best way to achieve their goal. 

Boronia - greatly improves and deepens creative visualisation where you can see and focus on achievement rather than on failure.

Confid Essence – To empower yourself to create what you want, especially when lacking confidence in own ability, also helping to eliminate subconscious sabotage.

Green Spider Orchid - To keep ideas within and share only when time is right and not dissipate the energy by talking about the goal or project before it is manifested or completed.


Wishing all the success with your goal setting,

The ABFE Team