Travelling Tips After Lockdown

Travelling Tips After Lockdown

As we are beginning to come out of lockdown, many of us are hoping to start planning some travel and holidays. To help make the journey more enjoyable we have shared some travel tips and to help you prepare for the trip and have the best, most relaxed and enjoyable time.


Fear of Flying

For some people, travelling is restricted to land or sea travel due to a fear of flying. Airlines often run a behaviour modification course to help potential travellers who suffer from this. However it can take a number of weeks and in our experience is not as effective when compared to working with Emergency Essence.

A number of years ago a German TV program aired about Flower Essences. The producer’s mother had a fear of flying and they wanted to use her on the program. The plan was to put her on a plane, give her some Bush Essences and see what happened! They originally suggested Travel Essence but Ian changed it to Emergency Essence instead, as it was more appropriate and we had had great success with this in treating people with this condition.

emergency essence


The producer’s mother had already missed the overseas wedding of one of her daughters as she was too terrified to get on a plane. On the day of the program she was given her Emergency Essence and after a couple of doses was put on board. When the plane arrived they had a film crew ready to interview her - which for some people would be very stressful in itself. The mother had a very stunned look on her face and blurted out to the interviewer “It’s incredible, I was able to do it.”

She held up the Emergency Essence bottle and exclaimed, “I don’t know what is in this, but I wasn’t scared and I was even able to look out the window and try and work out where my son’s house might be. I wished I had known about this Emergency Essence years ago.”



Before You Travel

If you intend on travelling to a different country where they don’t speak your mother tongue and you are going to study their language, we recommend that you take the Cognis Essence whilst you are learning that language. It will make a big and noticeable difference. You may be surprised by how much grammar and vocabulary you will be able to recall.


Some people have a sense of where they feel they would like to go on a national or overseas trip - and there is usually a very good reason why. If you have been getting such a gut feeling, but ignoring it then you may want to take Bush Fuchsia, either by itself in any of the Combinations it’s in, to help you trust and follow your intuition.


Become more focused on your packing

One of the other areas where the Essences can be of help before your trip starts is by taking Cognis Essence a few days before you fly so that you can be more focused organising your packing, rather than leaving it to the last minute. The following essences are in it:

Sundew will help stop the procrastination while also helping you to be mindful of the finer details of what needs to be done and packed.

Isopogon will help you to recall everything you will need to pack for the trip.

Paw Paw will clear any overwhelm that might occur if you are leaving things to the last minute, or simply affected by how much there is to do.

Get More Sleep

Many travellers only get a very short sleep, if any at all, the night before they go on an overseas flight - not the ideal way to start your holiday or business trip. We suggest spraying Calm and Clear Mist in your bedroom and applying the Calm and Clear Moisturiser on your face and hands on your last night before the trip so that you are well rested before you commence your journey.


Let Go of Expectations

You could also try taking Freshwater Mangrove before going on a holiday or a trip to somewhere new as it helps let go of expectation. If you have already made your mind up as to what you will see or experience on your trip you will tend to actually manifest this. If you are going to a different culture and you find yourself being very judgemental of that culture or the local people, then you may want to start taking Yellow Cowslip Orchid.

If you don’t speak the language of the country you are in, consider taking a blend of Bush Fuchsia and Green Spider Orchid to help you communicate and assess people more effectively. This will enhance and allow you to trust your first impressions about people and places.


Whilst Travelling

We highly recommend taking Travel Essence - 7 drops every hour whilst awake, for all plane flights. This will certainly assist you in arriving more refreshed and ready to go and minimise some of the more negative effects of being on a plane. However, some people are also very sensitive to car or boat travel. In this situation Travel Essence again is very effective. You can definitely use this Combination for animals, especially for car travel. We recommend using a couple of doses a few hours apart - before the trip and as soon as the trip starts. It can be repeated every 10 or 15 minutes if necessary.


Travel Essence has more Essences in it (14) than any other Combination in our range. And this is because there are so many challenges involved in being a passenger.

Some of the Bush Essences in it includes:


Bottlebrush – to cope with change such as different mealtimes, different cuisines, even different toilets! This Essence will also help you ‘let go’ of where you’ve come from as well as some of your routines which may have been developing in to a rut.


Bush Iris – helps you readjust quickly to different time zones.


Crowea – eases feelings of being ‘not quite right’ and has a very balancing, calming & relaxing effect.


Fringed Violet – is great for psychic protection when you’ve got people crammed in all around you on a long flight especially if they are anxious, fearful or stressed. It also helps you to block out and be less affected by engine vibration. The worst seat on a plane is in line with the engine – the longer the trip the bigger the impact on you, so always make sure at check-in that your seat is not near the engines. At least you will have your Travel Essence if you are seated next to the engines, but it’s better to be far away from them.


Paw Paw helps with feelings of overwhelm.


Red Lily helps with both engine vibration and flying on a north/south axis. Flying east/west or vice versa has a bigger impact on you but there is still a detrimental consequence of flying on the north/south axis even when there’s little or no time zone difference.


Silver Princess helps with a sense of lack of direction that you may experience when arriving as well as helping with counteracting flying on the north/south axis.


Sundew helps with any feelings of vagueness, disorientation or ungroundedness.


If it’s been a long flight you can consider taking the Travel Essence three or four times for the first couple of days upon arrival and especially before going to sleep.


Travelling with Animals

Travel can be difficult enough for humans but it is even more difficult for our animals. Some of the work our Founder does as an Animal Communicator is to help prepare animals for travel, whether it be a short trip in the car, travelling to another state or a much longer trip overseas.

Animals are incredibly sensitive to energy and unlike most humans, animals are solidly grounded upon the earth. Many species have four feet firmly planted on the Earth’s surface and they don’t wear shoes that cause a disconnection from the Earth. So, when we lift our animals from the Earth’s surface when travelling, it can cause a feeling of displacement and imbalance for them and for some animals this can be quite frightening. Some animals refrain from eating for a few days after long travel to allow their bodies to adjust. Most humans don’t take the time to explain (through words, pictures and feelings) to their animals what is going to happen, where they are travelling to, how they may feel, whether you will or will not be with them for the journey and whether they will see you again.


Animals on flights

It is especially worrying for an animal that is required to fly. Animals are quite like children in some ways and you wouldn’t put a child on a plane alone without any explanation, so why would you do this to your animal? Take the time to use words, pictures, thoughts and feelings to explain to your animal what it will be like on their journey. If flying, animals are usually required to travel in a crate. It’s a good idea to get the crate that they will be travelling in ahead of time and allow them to get used to it prior to their plane trip. Put some familiar items in their crate including some items that have your smell on them such as an old t-shirt.


What happens on the plane journey

When flying, the crate is placed in the underneath area of the plane where the noise itself can be a source of fear and panic. If there are other animals also on the flight and they too are fearful then the fear your animal may experience can escalate. Some animals also experience separation anxiety especially if their human hasn’t taken the time to explain, as best they can, what is going to happen to their animal and that they will be reunited at the other end. If travelling overseas, in some countries your animal may be quarantined for a period of time. Remember, animals have no sense of time as we do. Time for them is endless so a period of separation during travel may cause anxiety.


If your animal is flying then it is usually not possible to administer drops or sprays once they are on the plane. As Australian Bush Flower Essences work on a vibrational level you can place drops or spray items going into the crate, including your animal. Place drops or spray onto an old t-shirt that has your smell on it or onto a toy or other item that may be in the crate. If you have access to their water then you could also place drops into the water.


Essences that can help

Whether your animal is travelling in a car, float, boat or on a plane there are a number of Australian Bush Flower Essences that can assist. Of course, what may come to mind first is the combination Travel Essence.

Travel Essence can be given for a few days leading up to, during and a few days after travel. If your animal has difficulty travelling in a car then drops can be given prior and during but you can also use the Travel Essence Mist. This can also be easier to spray in the car whilst travelling without having to administer drops.

Calm and Clear is another combination Essence that can assist an animal that is fearful or anxious of travel. Some of the Bush Essences in it include: Black-eyed Susan which helps to slow the animal down especially if tense, Bottlebrush for adapting to change, Boronia helps with clarity and obsessive thoughts and behaviour, Crowea is for worry and it also centres and balances the animal bringing it peace and calm, Jacaranda is for being scattered, Little Flannel Flower brings more joy and flexibility to the situation and Paw Paw is great for overwhelm or confusion.


Separation Anxiety

If your animal suffers separation anxiety then prepare them well ahead of time if they are going to be separated from you for a period of time during the journey. If they are flying then if possible, catch the same flight. This allows your animal to feel your energy above them and know that you are close by. If this is not possible then communicate with your animal as much as possible during their journey. This can be done telepathically by sending them feelings, pictures, thoughts and words. The Bush Essences that can assist with separation anxiety are Illawarra Flame Tree for the fear of being rejected, Bottlebrush for letting go, Dog Rose for the fear and anxiety and Grey Spider Flower for terror, Tall Yellow Top for the isolation and loneliness and Waratah for courage.

Emergency Essence is also an Essence that can assist our animals to travel. You could use it alongside the other Essences if needed.

So, remember, even though we take for granted that most animals travel well it is not a natural thing for them to be ungrounded. Take the time, even on short trips in the car, to communicate to your animal what the trip is all about use the Australian Bush Flower Essences to assist your animal if needed.

Bon Voyage!! x