Become a Practitioner

It’s never been easier to become part of the global community of qualified holistic practitioners. By becoming an Australian Bush Flower Essences practitioner, you will be helping others to find balance and fulfilment in their lives. It means you will also be able to focus more on a positive direction in your own life, fully on bringing joy and transformative knowledge.

We use a deep and meaningful teaching strategy where you will be taking your first steps on an emotionally rewarding journey. By becoming an Australian Bush Flowers practitioner, you will be able to:

  • Understand the emotional patterns that affect a person and how to gently change negative habits into powerful and positive ones that will drive change.
  • Develop your own inner strength and boost self-confidence. This will grow as you become more competent at prescribing Bush Essences.
  • Learn all about the potent power of the Australian landscape and the healing properties of the flowers that grow in the wildest, most pristine environments.
  • Discover new tools within yourself that can empower you and help you tackle the challenges of modern life, face down a crisis, and cope more naturally with emotional conditions.
  • Learn how to develop your own self-esteem and confidence and grant all that knowledge to your patients.
  • Get to know the most up to date news and information on flower essence research and development. 

The Bush Essences range of flower remedies has a global reputation for practitioners who want only the best in natural remedies. To find out more, contact us here.