Customer Feedback

Our customers know that when they use our products, they are getting access to the emotional balance and natural connections that are so important in the modern world.

Our reviews speak for themselves. You don’t have to take our word for it; our Flower Essence remedies are beneficial for promoting a deeper level of mindfulness and a connection with the forces all around us. Our customers are as proud of us as we are of them.

"My youngest son had fallen off the monkey bars and split his head open. There was a lot of blood and he was hysterical. In the car I took and gave him 2 squirts of emergency essence. Throughout the whole doctor & hospital ordeal I remained calm and controlled. I firmly believe the essence helped us both at this stressful time. "
Emma Grange  - Emergency Oral Spray
 "This is an amazing product,  I stopped feeling sorry for myself and I've ordered again already!"
Maureen Warwick - Abund Essence Drops
"I have found strengths that I didn't know I had with several Australian Bush Flower Products. My favorites are Calm & Clear, Emergency Essence, Space Clearing, Tall Yellow Top, Alpine Mint Bush and Waratah."
Jane - Calm & Clear Spray
"Reaching deeper levels of acceptance - I love this product!!"
Joana - Body Beautiful Cream
"This product is fantastic!! My 11 year old son was recently diagnosed with mild depression and his counselor put him on the Adol Essence drops.  With help from his counselor and these drops, there has been a 200% improvement to my son’s emotional wellbeing. Thank you. I have since recommended these drops to several other people who have early adolescent/teenage boys."
Lori - Adol Essence Drops
Because of this essence my understanding and acceptance of many past lessons was made possible.
Christine Turner - Cognis Essence Drops