Sustainable Practices

The vision of our founder and our commitment to providing only the most beneficial in natural wellness and emotional wellbeing remedies rely on our environmental sustainability.

The Australian Bush Flower Essence remedies are more profound acting and incredibly quick to show results, and with our commitment to using only wild-grown flowers and the best in natural resources, finding balance through vibrational medicine has never been more accessible.

Our range of skin care products are both organically certified and the only ones in the world that come with Australian Bush Flower Essences. We use these because our flower essences are only ever derived from plants that have been gathered in the most pristine environments in Australia.

Containing a much higher level of organic ingredients than the percentage accepted by the Organic Food Chain (OFC), our certified products give us a worldwide reputation of the highest quality and a deep respect for the environments that heal us.

You can rest assured that your Australian Bush Flower product respect the environment for a full and clean circle of goodness, so you can achieve a complete mental and physical balance.