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Ian’s May 2024 Newsletter
Celebrating New Beginnings This month, I have the joy of sharing some personal and professional milestones. Recently, I became a grandfather, which has inspired me to focus on tips for childbirth and the early months of a child’s life. Alongside...
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Manage Stress and Overwhelm - Australian Bush Flower Essences UK
It is easy to feel consumed by mental and emotional pressures. There are times in everybody’s lives where we can feel it is hard to switch off, because the mind is constantly active, and this can make us feel drained...
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Ian's February 2024 Newsletter
Throughout 2024, everyone will be influenced by the energy of a Universal Year 8, part of a nine-year cycle. To deduce the Universal Year, sum the digits of the year. For instance, 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 equals...
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