9 Day Detox and Cleansing Diet

9 Day Detox and Cleansing Diet

As we start with the warmer weather, many people aspire to have better health and wellbeing. After 40 years in naturopathic practice, Ian has tried and used many techniques and strategies to help his patients achieve exactly this. Here are two of the most effective methods that are simple, easy to do and produce tremendous outcomes.

We will cover the 9 Day Detox Cleansing Diet and the Forgiveness Process. If only you could walk through the bush so that you could smell the exquisite scent of the Dagger Hakea when it is in full flower. However, as many of you don't live near the Sydney region where it grows, we have hopefully got the next best thing, which is a video on this deep acting Essence, shot when it was in full bloom. Dagger Hakea is one of six Essences in the Purifying Essence.

The testimonials included below are not only ones specifically on the Purifying Essence but also a number of the six individual Essences that comprise this Combination. These, together with the Forgiveness Process, show how detox is not only for the physical wellbeing but also essential for the emotional wellbeing as well.

9 Day Cleanse

In all Ian's workshops, he emphasises the importance of doing a cleansing detox at least once a year. The cleanse he recommends runs for nine days; however, for best results, Ian suggests taking the Purifying Essence for five days before the cleanse and for the nine days during it.

Ian finds that it is preferable to do the cleanse in warmer weather, rather than in winter or the colder months unless you're sick. Whenever you're sick and especially when you have a fever, you should always stop eating and only have liquids.

Below is the regime to follow for each day. You can eat as much as you want of the indicated foods on that day. Make sure you are also drinking lots of liquids, especially water, herbal tea and vegetable juices on each of the nine days.

  • Day one: cooked or raw vegetables and cooked or raw fruit.
  • Day two: raw vegetables and cooked or raw fruit.
  • Day three: only cooked or raw fruit.
  • Day four: vegetable juices, water, herbal teas.
  • Day five: vegetable juices, water, herbal teas.
  • Day six: vegetable juices, water, herbal teas.
  • Day seven: introduce fruit, either cooked or raw.
  • Day eight: you can introduce raw vegetables as well as continuing with fruit.
  • Day nine: you can introduce cooked vegetables.
  • Day ten: you can resume your normal diet.

The nice thing is your stomach will shrink. By day eleven when you start eating your normal diet again, you will most likely find that you feel full from eating smaller amounts of food. During the liquid days, your stomach shrinks a little, and you get more accurate feedback as to how much food you really need. It's better to under-eat then overeat. And certainly, if you can do that cleansing diet once a year, you'll increase both your longevity and quality of life.

When you're not eating solid food, the blood, instead of having to go down to the stomach, can go to other areas of the body that are not functioning optimally, for example, any painful joint. If there is a more serious health issue developing, the body can focus on sending all its healing energy, blood, nutrients, white blood cells, etc., to where it's needed to start resolving the problem, hopefully before it becomes too advanced.

If you feel you may not have the self-discipline to complete the nine days, you may want to consider taking Hibbertia Essence for two weeks before commencing the Purifying Essence.

Ian had one patient who said, "I don't want to fast, I love eating too much. I'm not going to miss out on all those meals.” When Ian explained to him that, as a result of going on the cleansing diet, he’d live longer and that consequently he’d end up eating far more meals and being able to achieve greater pleasure, he enthusiastically went off to start the cleansing diet.

A few other tips:


The first two days of liquids, day four and day five, can be the most challenging, especially if you’ve never fasted before. You may want to start the liquids in the evening rather than in the morning. Then by lunchtime of the next day, you’ve nearly gone a full day.


On the juice days, don’t drink them as you would a glass of water. You will achieve even better results if you chew the juice a number of times, keeping the liquid in your mouth for at least 20 seconds to allow your saliva to mix with and dilute vegetable juice and only then swallow. If you become very impatient doing this then you may wish to work with the Black-eyed Susan Essence.

Forgiveness Process


The Forgiveness Process will create a new sense of peace and healing in your life. I guarantee that you will feel, and your life will be, very different at the end of this simple, yet profound technique.

Objective: To create a new sense of peace and healing in one’s life.

Expected Result: Openness of your heart, openness of your vision, willingness to be present. It is a very powerful healing process.

Instructions: Take Dagger Hakea for one week prior to starting the Forgiveness Process and continue for another week whilst completing it.

Find a place where you feel safe, won’t be disturbed and can comfortably speak out loud, without any concern of being overheard. The process can either be done in one session or split up over a number of sessions. Be aware that it could take a number of hours to complete.

a. After settling yourself into a comfortable position, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes and get into a relaxed and reflective state. Then ask to be presented, visually, with the people that you hold resentment towards. Only one person at a time will appear and the ones with whom you have the most amount of issues to resolve will turn up first - almost invariably one of your parents, who is then usually followed by the other parent. You can still do the process even if a person who appears to you is no longer alive.

b. When you have a picture of a person, or a sense of who it is, visualise a cord or tube going from that person’s navel and connecting with a cord that emanates from your navel. Tie the two cords together and then say out loud, “the resentment I hold against you for .........” then list everything that you feel resentful or bitter towards that person for.

c. When you have completed everything, say “(name) the resentment I hold against you I now release. I love you and I forgive you”. At the point of saying “I forgive you”, physically make a pair of scissors with your fingers and cut through that imaginary cord connecting you and the person.

d. This whole process is then repeated another two times and while listing the resentments it is okay to repeat previous ones you have mentioned.

e. When having completed these additional two times with that person you then reverse the process. This is done by again tying the cords with the person and this time you commence by saying “(name) the resentment that you feel against me for.......” - list the things that you feel that the person feels resentful against you. Then on completion say “(name) all these things that you hold resentment against me for, I now forgive you for. I love you, I release you” and then cut the cord. As before, do this another two times from the other person’s perspective.

f. You are then ready to embark upon resolving issues with the next person, so at this point ask to be presented with the next person you hold resentment towards. You then repeat the process that you

I guarantee that you will feel, and your life will be, very different at the end of this Process.


“There’s only one activity that will raise you above the laws of cause and effect and that is forgiveness.” - St Germaine

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” - Mahatma Gandhi


Purifying Essence

Before taking Purifying Essence I felt sluggish, low in energy, felt a bit down with mental confusion due to too much study and computer work.

Over the 4 weeks of taking this Essence I felt very alert mentally, many times stopping and thinking “Gee, I feel good.” The most remarkable thing was the smell of nicotine coming out of the index and middle fingers of my right hand (I haven’t smoked for 25 years). I have many friends who wish to try the Purifying Essence now and I will also use it again myself. I took this essence for four weeks. 

Lyn Hornabrook, QLD

Purifying & Confid Essence

I just wanted to let you know the fantastic results I have had with Purifying Essence and the Confid Essence.

I was recommended to your essences via a personal friend who I had noticed of late looking like she did not have a care in the world. She had a similar background to myself professionally and we share a similar past in that we both have been through domestic violence in our marriages – mine being the longer duration of 18 years. She just said to me one day you have to use this Purifying Essence and get all the baggage out, otherwise you will never move forward.

I brought the bottle from the health food store on 26 August and started taking it, (I took 6 doses each day over the weekend) and then two doses each day from then until 30 October. What can I say – I cried and cried and cried and cried my heart out but instead of crying and just feeling lost and alone and a victim – after each cry whilst using your essences I felt that someone had taken a whole load of weight off my body – I can only describe it that way to you. As a consequence my crying became less and less and I also lost 27 kgs in weight – gee look what guilt and being in victim mode does to you. I just kept going no matter how hard it was (and it was hard but cleansing and healing in the process). I then thought that I should seek the help of a professional person to finish my great work and I am now seeking the help of a professional therapist in Victoria who works with your essences as well but I will never forget the huge results I got with the Purifying Essence. I can’t thank you enough and am a firm believer that we are spiritual beings connected to the earth and you have opened up for me a new world.

I remain faithful to your work and Essences and am now using some on my son – I have seen a huge difference in his approach to school – I give him the Confid Essence.

There are many, many women out there who hold on to a lot of guilt in my situation – you just can’t help it even though the way someone deals with their anger is their responsibility you just can’t help blaming yourself with domestic violence and this can destroy the rest of your life. I was lucky and with the support of my family got out when I could (even though as I said I was there for 18 years) but after that I could not find relief from the pain in my heart and the guilt. Thanks to your Essences I am sure I would not even have been able to write this message to you –and you know what – I am proud of myself for what I have achieved now and the fact that I have typed all of this without shedding a tear is even more wonderful.

Please keep up the good work and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am now loving being with my son who missed out on a mum for so long and feel stronger and stronger every day – I must say though that your Essences are very, very powerful and when I have time and about 6 days I can tell you the sort of stuff they brought out in me. 

God bless you.

Name supplied but withheld for confidentiality

Dog Rose and Tall Mulla Mulla

Jacob is 12 and his parents had taken him on numerous visits to the family doctor regarding his anxiety, shyness and stress. He was becoming increasingly upset before school outings, working on school assignments and leaving his own home to sleep over with friends. Any type of new social situation was making Jacob extremely stressed. This was not confined to strangers but occurred even when visiting other family members. School excursions were becoming a nightmare. He panicked, cried and vomited as the anxiety took hold. He was holding back on all levels of his life, missing out on lots of childhood fun. He was very confused that this was happening but had no control over it.

I selected two Essences for this boy. The first was Tall Mulla Mulla to help with the shyness and intense social anxiety. Dog Rose was the second Essence to address the timidity and niggling fears which were so much part of Jacob’s everyday life. He took the Essences morning and evening but also carried them with him at school and elsewhere. One week into taking the Essences Jacob was like a different child. His delighted parents could not believe the change in his attitude – it was like having their ‘normal’ boy back.

One night prior to a school assignment being handed in, his parents began psyching themselves in order to deal with the usual stress, tears and vomiting. It did not happen and Jacob asked they were worrying about! He became openly affectionate and integrated well with other children, helping out with the younger boys at his brother’s rugby group. After two months Jacob’s parents noticed a little tension building up as school exam time loomed. I prescribed a repeat of the same Essences and Jacob was very happy about taking them.

Lorraine Clifford, NSW



I am a 42 year old female with no major health problems. I took Bottlebrush for four weeks morning and night. Bottlebrush seems to fit my emotional needs. I found Bottlebrush to be very quick acting.

Emotionally, I had been feeling overwhelmed with daily life of working full-time, educating my daughters, cleaning and feeding them and having to take care of everything. After taking Bottlebrush, I had noticed a change in the way that I thought about my daily chores. It was clear to me that I had control and that I could break old habits that keep me feeling stuck. I began to give some of my chores away. It all of a sudden seemed okay to let others help me more.

I had been feeling stuck and unable to write my case studies. It was nine months since I had gone to the Level I workshop. After taking Bottlebrush, I wrote my case studies in a matter of three weeks.

I noticed I tried to simplify my life and get rid of my clutter. I began to clear things out. I found myself cleaning my closets. I found things that I was not willing to get rid of before, but after taking Bottlebrush I was able to let go and get rid of some things that I was holding on to. Also, I allowed myself to utilize resources needed in order to finish tasks to my liking. I had kept for many years an expensive broken camera and an expensive broken purse. I finally followed through and had these items repaired.

While I was taking Bottlebrush, I happened to go to a yearly garden show at the Botanical Gardens in City Park. There were thousands of flowers and plants being displayed. I did not have much time and found myself briskly walking through. At one point I just had to stop. I looked down and saw for the first time in my life a live beautifully blooming Bottlebrush. I realized that my experience came out of being on the Bottlebrush, which creates a space for new things to enter your life. Thank you for letting me see that.

Jane N. Parr-Elbaum, US


I took Bottlebrush for two weeks. It seemed a fitting essence for me as I struggle to let go of my children as they reach an appropriate age of independence. I tend to worry excessively about them when they are not near me, particularly when they drive. Consciously I know it’s healthy for them to grow and move away but subconsciously I constantly worry and would like to hold on to them.

Two weeks of taking Bottlebrush had a profound effect on me. I felt much easier about my girls driving their cars and didn’t obsess or think about them constantly. I did not feel the need to get them to call me each time they arrived at their destination. I now find it easy to accept their growing independence to the point where I am enjoying a new sense of freedom from worrying and some extra time on my hands to focus on me. This has been a relaxed transition for this new life phase for me.

I also took the opportunity prompted by Bottlebrush to spring clean my garage and let go of many objects that I hold on to and carry from one country to another and did this with positive feelings and outcome. At the same time my intestines felt cleansed as if letting go of something I was holding on to.

In conclusion Bottlebrush helped cleanse me of feelings that I need to hold on plus it helped me accept the changes that my new phase of life is bringing.

Tina Osie, Sydney


Dagger Hakea

One case I had recently was a young man who had a very difficult childhood. His father was an alcoholic and he had often had to defend his mother. Very deep resentments developed and he had a hard time to forgive, even though he is a very sweet person. He took the Dagger Hakea for two weeks and after that I received a long distance call from him - a changed person - I could feel his happiness through the phone. He wouldn’t stop talking, he was like a fountain of happiness. All his family relatives felt this as well. A strange thing happened at the same time - the skin on his hands and feet peeled. For me it was also an indication that he had torn down some walls, even down to the physical level, but he can now walk free and light and his new hands are ready to give fully with his heart.

Konstanze, Honduras