ABFE Presents: The Gift Of Digestive Health

ABFE Presents: The Gift Of Digestive Health

With advent chocolates, mince pies and biscuits boxes by the dozen soon to be entering homes everywhere, it is easy to take it too far - with no regard for our internal health! For this reason, ABFE is on hand to detail to you the importance of maintaining a healthy digestive system ahead of indulging in the festivities of the Christmas Season. 

Factors Influencing Your Digestive Health

Emotional Eating: Whether you’re reaching for the chocolate as a distraction or as a rewarding treat for handling emotional turmoil, emotional eating can have a severe impact on both the quality and quantity of food we consume. Feelings often associated with emotional eating include stress, anxiety, fear and sadness. Consuming quantities of comforting foods that are lacking in nutrition can have a severe impact on the health of our digestive systems, ultimately impacting your energy levels, wellbeing and self-image. 

Overeating: In a world abundant in opportunities to indulge, we often consume too many foods and liquids without realising. Excessive portion sizes and regular treats can quickly become too much for our digestive process to handle, ultimately compromising their health and functionality. 

Intolerances: Intolerances often go undetected, but what we see as subtle discomfort between meals can have profound effects on the health of our digestive systems. Whilst lactose and gluten are the typical culprits of digestive problems, individuals can experience intolerances to almost all food groups! This is when there is difficult for the digestive system breaking down foods, often resulting in abdominal pain, symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and even a compromised immune system. 

Maintaining Quality Digestive Health This Christmas

Substitute Food Favourites: Whilst we all enjoy the deliciousness of cream and icecreams alike, swapping them for yoghurts can positively impact your digestive system. This is owed to them being rich in good bacterias adored by your gut.

Include Herbs and Spices: Adding ingredients such as ginger, pepper and spices to meals can assist in the healthy functioning of your digestive system. 

Avoid Over Drinking With Meals: Drinking too much with your meals can dilute your digestive fluids and have consequences for the overall health of your digestive system. It is advised you wait half an hour before and a full hour after eating a meal before drinking.

Post-meal Herbal Teas: Drinking herbal teas for digestion after your meals can significantly improve the condition of those who suffer from indigestion and bloating. Again, wait an hour before drinking a cup. 

Post-meal Walk: Venturing for a stroll after meals is a great way to exercise and spend time with friends and/or family. The under demanding nature of walking aids in the digestion of food, particularly after a large meal such as your Christmas dinner! 

ABFE’s Essences of the Season

Calm and Clear: Abundant in healing essences, products from the Calm & Clear Collection help relieve feelings of stress, irritability and impatience. These states will often prevent you from feeling more content, relaxed and well digested. 

Crowea Essence: Enriching your life with a newfound sense of calm and peace, this essence helps to balance emotions and bring clarity to how you are feeling. 

Paw Paw Essence: Papaya Fruit (where this flower comes from) contains the digestive enzyme papain, which helps with protein digestion. Our essence helps digest information and resolve to overwhelm. 

Space Clearing Mist: This power essence enables you to rid a room of negative and intense emotions, ultimately restoring balance, clearing the environment and harmonising the space. 

Purifying Essence: This powerful essence works to relieve individuals weighed down by emotional baggage and its consequences on both the spirit and body. 

Although unbuttoning your jeans is a symbol of a Christmas well done, after the tinsel comes down, we’re faced with the consequences of taking advantage of our digestive health. Taking time to nurture your digestive system both pre and post meals can make all the difference. When used in conjunction with ABFE’s collection of harmonising essences, you will be on to a Christmas to remember.