ABFE’s guide to romance this Valentine's Day

ABFE’s guide to romance this Valentine's Day

St Valentine’s day is fast approaching, the day that millions of lovers and admirers celebrate worldwide on the 14th February every year. Valentine’s Day was originally a day to celebrate many different figures throughout history, the most famous being Saint Valentine. This day of declaring love was even celebrated right back as far as the Roman era. 

In our modern day culture Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to declare your admiration and gratitude to your lover, it is the ideal opportunity to be romantic and bring something a little extra special to your relationship. Follow our guide for ways you can be romantic this Valentines Day. 

Ways To Be Romantic

Express your feelings for your partner: Hearing what your partner feels towards you is very affirming in a relationship. Take a moment this valentines day to compliment your partner and tell them how much they mean to you and what you are grateful for in your relationship.

Display Affection: One of the most simple ways to be romantic with your partner is to display your affection towards your partner. Affection can be something so simple such as a warm embrace, a gentle kiss or a back or foot massage. Displaying affection will connect two people and express your admiration for your partner.

Prioritise Intimacy: Intimacy is most imperative in a relationship to feel connected. If intimacy is lacking in a relationship it is common that the connection will be weaker. Perhaps this valentines day you can initiate intimacy with your partner and keep the connection strong.  

ABFE Products for Romance This Valentines Day

Sensuality Mist: This Skin & Space Mist encourages your sexual expression and enables you to reach greater fulfillment to enjoy emotional intimacy, thanks to the selection of Bush Flower Essences contained within, including Billy Goat Plum, Bush Gardenia, Flannel Flower, Little Flannel Flower, Macrocarpa and Wisteria. 

Sexuality Essence Drops: This wonderful remedy will help release trauma that is associated with your sexuality or experiences. The drops will help you to love your body, feel confident and comfortable with your sexuality, Renew passion and interest in your relationship and allow yourself to accept embracing touch and emotional intimacy. 

Relationship Essence Drops: Ideal for those seeking to improve the way they communicate their feelings to their significant other, the Relationship Essence Drops utilises essences such as Flannel Flower and Dagger Hakea to release previous resentments and renew passion. 

Body Beautiful Essence Cream: This powerful therapeutic cream contains powerful Bush Flower Essences such as Billy Goat Plum, Five corners, Flannel Flower, Little Flannel Flower, Mulla mulla, She Oak and Wisteria. The Body Beautiful Essence Cream will help you to learn how to love and accept yourself and give you the confidence to trust your own beauty. 

Not everybody has the natural ability to be romantic towards their partner, so this short guide may give you some ideas on how you can bring romance into your relationship this Valentines Day and make your connection stronger than ever. Being romantic towards your partner will enable them to feel loved and appreciated, which will help keep your relationship healthy and happy, not just for Valentine's Day. For more information on the powerful healing properties of the ABFE range, be sure to view our website or browse our collection today!