Celebrating Earth Day with ABFE

Celebrating Earth Day with ABFE

April 22nd is Earth Day, an annual celebration of the planet and its incredible importance. A green future is a prosperous future. In light of this, this year's theme for Earth Day is 'Invest In Our Planet' - to preserve and protect our health, our families, and our livelihoods. In light of this significant celebration for a considerably important cause, Australian Bush Flower Essences are on hand to discuss Earth Day, our company’s impact and the products that can encourage you to feel at one with nature. 


Earth Day 

Earth Day commemorates and raises awareness of environmental issues that threaten the sustainability of our planet and, ultimately, the livelihood of every species that lives here. The time we have to make drastic changes is minimal, and we need to restore nature and the health of our planet - whilst working to build both a prosperous and sustainable future for us all. 

The Earth Day Organisation utilises a diverse range of events and charities to replenish the planet whilst building countries and economies encompassing a sustainable future. 


ABFE on Earth Day 

The nature of our work at ABFE means we work harmoniously with the natural environment; to make essences from the powerful healing flowers from some of the most incredible native wild botanicals Australia offers. In our essence making process, we are considerably conscious of mother earth and the spirit of the plants we are working with, and ensure our practises are sustainable for the plant and are careful not to interfere with the balance of nature.

There is minimal footprint on the planet with the making of the wild harvested Bush Essences. We have had feedback from many farmers saying they have kept virgin Bush land that they were going to clear as they realised through Ian’s work that doing so would have destroyed many healing plants. consequently many diverse ecosystems and green corridors have been saved over the years.

Some of our operational environmental practises at ABFE are: using eco packaging, from biodegradable bubble wrap and starch chips in packaging to sugar based eco packaging for skincare. We have solar panels on our roof, and use electrical company car; all our office lighting is run on LED; massive reduction in single use plastic, only recycled cardboard with no plastic coated varnish used in packaging, we use sea freight for international distribution. 


Being At One With The Environment with ABFE - Our Products 

Earth Essence: The Earth Essence helps individuals find their drive and move forward with purpose, feeling centred and grounded in their direction and helping them proceed with clarity and focus. This Essence also helps heal internal structure and order in life and is a very important grounding remedy, especially for those who practice spiritual work. This Essence allows one to tune into the subtle realms and vibrations, as it fosters a strong connection, respect and reverence to nature and the origins of life. 

Freshwater Mangrove: A wise individual is one who can perceive and accept new understandings and theories or see a new reality by looking from a new perspective. As the planet shifts and we move to new ways of living, we sometimes need some help to open our heart without prejudgement and allow positive change to occur within us.

Bush Fuchsia: Helps one to be in touch with the rhythms of their own body and the earth, and be in tune with the seasons and changes in the vibrations and energies of the earth.

 Gaia Essence is a significantly powerful remedy, with the ability to raise our consciousness, balance our divine energy, open us to transformational changes, re-establish connection with our higher selves and realign us in touch with our divine purpose. This Essence helps us be grounded and centred and encourages us to feel safe and accepting. Forges a loving, protective sense to the Earth/Gaia. 

 Red LilyFormulated for spirituality and a centred, grounded connection to God, this Essence allows individuals to have wholeness in their spirituality and encourages the development of a balanced physical and emotional life. Similar to Sundew in the sense that it helps to overcome feelings of being split, scattered and vague in daily life, Red Lily is much the same in regards to one's spirituality. 

Earth Day is proudly celebrated by Australian Bush Flower Essences; without the incredible beauty and healing properties of nature, we would not be able to assist millions of people across the globe on their journey of spirituality and emotional healing. There is an essence for everyone in our collection. Find yours today!