Celebrating Women - with AusFlowers UK

Celebrating Women - with AusFlowers UK

Being a woman is something that should be embraced and empowered. Sometimes, it can be difficult to celebrate our qualities as women and feel proud in our achievements, big or small. By using natural remedies, you allow yourself to unlock deep emotions and help you on your journey as a woman as you explore your true passions and desires.


Creating Your Own Path

There can sometimes be expectations set out for women that idolise happy relationships and having a family. This can easily put pressure on women to change their plans to fit in with society. If you feel confused about what path you want to take with your relationships, Silver Princess brings about an awareness of one's life direction especially if you are at crossroads, and sundew flower essence can help clear your focus and allow you to think and be in the present.

Strengthening Relationships

If you have a relationship that has been going for some time, then it is important that you continue to strengthen the communication and passion. Bush Gardenia and Relationship Essence can help those who struggle communicating with their partner and renew interest and passion between long-term partners. For those who find it difficult to accept physical affection, try Flannel Flower to help you to totally trust and express verbally your innermost feelings as well as enhancing ease with physical intimacy, and Five Corners to help you accept yourself and your own beauty and inner strength.


Balancing Work and Family

There can be many work changes in a woman’s life, whether it be a big promotion, a new career, or returning to work after a child. Any significant change can bring emotions that can be challenging to manage. By using bush flower remedies, you can take control of your emotions and help yourself achieve new goals.

Confid Essence can help those who go back to work after a long time out of the work environment and have low self-esteem.

Cognis Essence balances the intuitive and cognitive processes and helps integrate ideas and information. A great remedy when studying or for pursuits that require intense focus. 

Bottlebrush a powerful single flower essence for those who need help through major life changes and the overwhelm that often goes with those changes, such as maternal anxiety. This essence helps the bond between mother and child. 

Much Love, Light and Respect - The ABFE Team