Dealing with Christmas Stress

Dealing with Christmas Stress

As the year draws to a close, festivities will soon be in full swing. Unfortunately for many, the overwhelming pressure to enjoy the chaos of Christmas is too much. As stress amounts throughout the season, it has the potential to compromise Christmas for certain individuals and those they care most for. Australian Bush Flower Essences are here to discuss the significant contributions to stress and how you can best cope to have the relaxing and enjoyable Christmas you deserve. 

The Causes of Christmas Stress 

You’re a Slave to the Season 

This time of year, there is an unmatched pressure to be present. Between drinks with friends, family gatherings and office Christmas parties, this season leaves little time for us to have to ourselves. After months of festive build-up, the obligation to arrive consumed with Christmas cheer can be very draining. 

Christmas Shopping 

Among the most stressful factors of Christmas time is purchasing presents. Often the amount you care for and appreciate somebody is not reflected in the number of or quality of gifts you can afford to give. For a high volume of people, the financial implications of the season can contribute significantly to feelings of upset and stress. 

Family Festivities 

Despite the loving nature of family, spending constant time with those you have to can take its toll. Whether you’re faced with an annoying sibling or an overbearing parent, for some, the obligation to spend so much time with family members can contribute considerably to our stress levels and feelings of dread surrounding this time of year. 

Amounting Pressure

Christmas build-up begins months before December; throughout this period, we often spread ourselves too thin. The expectation to show up bearing fantastic gifts and radiating seasonal spirit is simply too much for many of us. The relentless pressure felt ought to be harnessed to prevent it spoiling what is to be ‘the most wonderful time of the year’. 

ABFE Essences For Coping With Christmas Stress

The following products from Australian Bush Flower Essences will contribute significantly to coping with the inevitable stress of the Christmas holiday season. 

Emergency Drops or Oral Spray

As an emergency remedy, our essence can help soothe feelings of panic and anxiety and comfort those in distress. This emergency essence will provide comfort and reassurance to those in pain and give them the courage to cope with their situation.

Calm and Clear, Oral Spray, Skin and Space Mist

Calm & Clear includes the positive benefits of aromatherapy, encouraging you to relax, unwind and enjoy your pursuits. Products from this collection are specifically designed for those who are over-committed and consumed by external pressures, leaving no time for self-care.

Abund Essence Drops

Best suited for those who suffer under internal feelings of dear, pessimism and overwhelming negativity, Abund Essence encourages feelings of joy in sharing and contentment in their environment. As self-sabotaging habits are stopped, individuals will lead a richer and more bountiful life. 

Space Clearing Mist

Rooms can often fill with negative emotions and intense situations. With just a few sprays from the Organic Space Clearing Essence mist, you can Clear your environment, restore balance, and harmonise your space. 

The festive season is meant to be a time of much joy; it ought not to be consumed with feelings of holiday stress, anxiety and depression. Not only are they ideal for coping with the chaotic nature of Christmas, the products from Australian Bush Flower’s bespoke and natural collection can be embraced all year round. Why not give the gift of emotional balance this year with an Essence from the ABFE collection?