December travel advice from Ian

December travel advice from Ian

If you’re travelling to see friends or family this Christmas, then you may be wondering if there’s a secret to calmer travel and holidays. Ian White, founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences gives us his hot tips on ways we can use essences to make travel easier and more enjoyable.

For many people, stress over travel can begin even before you’ve even left the house! This is where taking Cognis Essence a few days before you start your trip can help you focus on organising your packing, rather than leaving it to the last minute. Cognis includes Sundew essence to overcome procrastination, Isopogon to help your recall and Paw Paw to clear any overwhelm that might occur if you are leaving things to the last minute or affected by how much there is to do.

If you suffer from poor sleep due to pre-travel stress, Ian recommends spraying Calm and Clear Mist in your bedroom and applying the Calm and Clear Moisturiser on your face and hands the night before the trip so that you are well rested before you start your journey. Another helpful essence to take before going away, especially if you are visiting somewhere for the first time, is Freshwater Mangrove, as it helps let go of expectations that may not be serving you.

On the day of travel, Ian recommends taking Travel Essence: 7 drops every hour, which will help minimise the negative effects of whatever transport you are taking and help you to arrive at your destination feeling more refreshed. You can even use it for a nervous pet: use a couple of doses a few hours apart—before the trip and as soon as the trip starts. If you start experiencing any acute stress—perhaps you’re stuck in traffic jam with crying kids—then Emergency Essence can give quick relief: You can take the drops internally or spray the Emergency Essence Mist in the car so everyone can keep a cool head!

Travel Essence has more essences in it (14) than any other combination in the range. This is because there are so many challenges involved in being a passenger. Some of the Bush Essences in it include:

Bottlebrush – to cope with change such as different mealtimes and routines.

Bush Iris – helps you readjust quickly to different time zones.

Crowea – eases feelings of being ‘not quite right’ and has a balancing, calming and relaxing effect.

Fringed Violet – great for psychic protection, especially if you are surrounded by other anxious, fearful or stressed-out people, which is common at Christmas time!

Paw Paw helps with feelings of overwhelm.

Silver Princess helps with a sense of lack of direction that you may experience when arriving at a new destination.

Sundew helps with feelings of vagueness, disorientation, or lack of groundedness.

If you’ve been travelling for a long time or have experienced time zone changes, you can take the Travel Essence three or four times for the first couple of days upon arrival and especially before going to sleep. 

Finally, once you have arrived at your accommodation—whether you’re staying with family or at a hotel, use your Space Clearing Mist in the room where you’ll be staying or sleeping – or even the whole house. This is ideal for clearing any unwanted psychic residue, which isn’t pleasant to experience. Ian’s two essentials he packs first are his Travel Essence and Space Clearing Mist!

Red Lily helps with plane travel and time zone differences.