Helping your dog’s anxiety with ABFE

Helping your dog’s anxiety with ABFE

Although anxiety is a natural emotion, if overwhelming bouts of it are left untreated, your dog may develop an anxiety disorder - ultimately resulting in upsetting and disruptive behavioural issues. Australian Bush Flower Essence Team are on hand to detail the symptoms and causes of anxiety in our pets and to suggest solutions in the form of our natural gentle calming essences. 

Symptoms of Anxiety in Dogs

If your dog is seeming out of character and experiencing unprecedented bouts of anxiety, they will be expressing a few, to all, of the following symptoms: 

  • Panting 
  • Aggression
  • Excessive barking
  • Drooling
  • Pacing
  • Urinating or defecating indoors
  • Destructive behaviour 
  • Restlessness
  • Seeming depressed
  • Repetitive behaviour 


Causes of Anxiety in Dogs

Separation Anxiety 

Although every pet owner has endured the separation anxiety their new pet has, approximately 14% of dogs carry their fear into adulthood. When left alone, your dog will be unable to find comfort - causing significant distress. Often this will manifest into significantly undesirable behaviours, including relentless barking, destructive behaviour, and urinating/defecating. If your dog has separation anxiety, you should work to ensure that your dog feels comforted when you leave the house - whilst a toy stuffed animal may help, behaviour modification may be necessary. 

Illawarra Flame Tree Flower  - Can also help animals suffering from separation anxiety

Fear-related Anxiety 

Most dogs will exhibit feelings of anxiety caused by fear. Happenings that can trigger fear within your pet include loud noises, unfamiliar animals or guests in their space, unfamiliar environments, car rides, veterinary clinics, unsettling situations, umbrellas, and new surfaces such as flooring or furniture. To reduce their anxiety, take the time to help your dog to relax. 

Dog Rose Flower - Can help animals to overcome fear and anxiety

Age-related Anxiety 

Much like humans, as dogs grow older, they can be subject to a decline in their cognitive strength and ability. Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in dogs can evoke problems with their learning, memory, perception and awareness - understandably contributing to an increase in feelings of anxiety in your pet. 


Festive events throughout the year are often celebrated with an abundance of party guests and unusual behaviours; as these will be unfamiliar to your dog, they can cause significant feelings of anxiety. 

Amongst the most distressing celebrations include bonfire night. The nature of a firework exploding is considerably loud and is the main culprit of your pet’s anxiety. If you, too, are distressed by fireworks, your dog will pick up on these behaviours and mirror them. The certainty of these celebrations allows you to prepare. Equipping yourself with Emergency Essence from the Australian Bush Flower Essences will enable you to feel a greater sense of relaxation - this will set an example for your dog that there is little to be anxious about.  

Grey Spider Flower -  Would be ideal to help animals to overcome intense fear or terror.

ABFE Products for Dogs

Australian Bush Flower Essences offer a range of products which can assist when your dog is anxious. These include ABFE’s:  

Emergency Drops or Oral Spray

As an emergency remedy, our essence can help soothe feelings of panic and anxiety and comfort those in distress. This emergency essence will provide comfort and reassurance to those in pain and give them the courage to cope with their situation.

*Our drops can be added to either their food or water, should your pet be reluctant to let you put it directly into their mouth. 

Space Clearing Mist

Rooms can often fill with negative emotions and intense situations. With just a few sprays from the Organic Space Clearing Essence mist, you can Clear your environment, restore balance, and harmonise your space. 

Animal Healing Book

Our book helps you with any concerns you may have for your pet, ultimately enabling you to understand them and their needs better - encouraging a deeper connection with them emotionally. This book details the ways you can work with your dog to improve their emotional wellbeing. 

It is essential to understand the cause of anxiety in your dog to remedy their distress. The products available from the Australian Bush Flower Essence range will lessen the overwhelming emotional stress. Used in conjunction with the advice from your trusted veterinary nurse, the precedent anxiety will subside - enabling your dog to be back to their usual, waggy-tailed selves in no time.