How to boost your health naturally

How to boost your health naturally

Traditional cultures across the world recognise physical symptoms as a consequence of our emotions. As leaders in prevention through the utilisation of natural essences, Australian Bush Flower Essences seek to balance emotional wellbeing - ultimately preventing a decline in physical health. The ABFE team is on hand to detail the benefits of naturally improving your health and the leading products that can significantly contribute to an improved sense of emotional and physical well-being. 

The benefits of improving your health naturally.

Natural and Organic ingredients 

Using completely natural, wildcrafted and organic ingredients means avoiding synthetic additives or herbicides and pesticides, which are not so kind to our bodies. The nature of ABFE products encourages peace of mind through knowing that the essences used are entirely natural, the flowers are collected in the wild, away from any pollution, and the skincare and space mists are organic.


Complimentary to other health efforts

We know healthy eating and daily physical activity are paramount to maintain optimum health, in addition we should consider mindfulness and emotional balance, this could be affirmations and a 10 minute daily meditation, see our article on meditation tips for beginners. ABFE’s can be used in conjunction with other complimentary treatments or products intended to improve your health. This will considerably amplify your physical and emotional and spiritual well-being. 


Emotionally and physically

Emotional wellness coincides with physical wellness. When you take Bush Flower Essences to balance your emotions, you may find that when you bring your emotional wellbeing back in balance this can contribute to an improvement in physical health. For example, those suffering from ongoing emotional stress are at a higher risk of other health issues arising. ABFE’s ‘Emergency’ or ‘Calm and Clear’ products encourage emotional balance, relaxation and calmness. Back in January, we wrote a dedicated article that might help you find daily activities to strengthen your emotional wellbeing 


Can be used by all 

ABFE products can be used and embraced by all members of the family, including small children and even your furry friends! This can make for an incredibly tranquil environment for all - ultimately improving both the mood and physical wellness of your household. 

Improving your health naturally with ABFE

Emergency Oral Spray

This natural remedy helps ease those in panic, fear, or distress and improves their coping ability. This can help prevent emotional distress developing.

Boost Essence Drops 

Specifically formulated to support individuals through changing times. Emotional distress and feeling out of sorts can be transformed into you feeling safer, calmer and more resilient.  

Calm and Clear Oral Spray 

Two sprays in the mouth to encourage the calming of the mind in those who are prone to over-committing themselves.

Space Clearing Space Mist

Great for clearing tense situations and environments and restoring balance. Especially where there is a lot of negative energy, this freshly aromatic mist helps to create sacred and harmonious environments.

It is crucial to bring balance to your emotional wellbeing, this helps to avoid it transgressing into physical symptoms. From creative blocks to improving your self-confidence, Australian Bush Flower Essences are proud to offer solutions of natural essences specifically tailored to better that which is compromising your emotions. Visit our website today to find your little bottle of tranquillity.