How To Calm Travel Panic

How To Calm Travel Panic - Australian Bush Flower Essences UK

With summer holidays underway and many of us travelling to new places, it is common to feel uneasy about venturing outside the comfort of our home. Whilst we are happy to get back to a life of freedom, it is normal to feel apprehensive in situations that have become dis-similar. Travel is a widely discussed topic currently and with the prospect of COVID-19 outside of the UK can bring additional worry. We have curated a selection of tips for those who wish to take back their freedom and enjoy ravelling once again.

Turn Your Panic into Calm

Psychologists have done extensive research into our ‘fight or flight’ instincts and how our body reacts when responding to anxiety. Studies have found that acting ‘normal’ and against the typical panicked reaction when your brain is under stress is one of the most effective ways to calm yourself down. For example, if you are experiencing plane turbulence, relax your body and watch TV or go on your phone, instead of gripping hard at the seat and seizing up. As this is a casual action, instead of your brain focusing on the danger of turbulence, you trick yourself into a sense of security and the emotional part of the brain tells the intelligent part of the brain not to panic as the body is not reacting with ‘fight or flight’ mannerisms. However, during times of panic, it can be difficult to take control and counter the panicked reaction with actions to trick the brain. Emergency essence is the perfect companion whilst travelling during times that cause fear or panic. With the ability to balance and calm your emotions, you will be able to achieve emotional stability and then focus on other natural techniques to release emotional turmoil.

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Take Back Control 

If travel is a main stressor in your life, then it can be easy to act irrationally or become overwhelmed when it is approaching times of travel. It is important to be able to take back control of your actions and emotions to ensure that you aren’t causing yourself un-necessary distress. For those acting frenetically, try the following essences. Perfect for overwhelming times during travel:

Black-eyed Susan - For those who are speedy and always on the go with lots of things happening all at once, who become frustrated with others and themselves when things are all moving too slowly.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces - To help stay calm and not get caught up in the panic of frantic and hysterical scenes. It can be taken when a person is going through intense perturbation to help feel calm and centred. 

Jacaranda - Targets intense scattered energy, chaotically moving from one thing to another.  Another way to feel in control is pre-planning travel to structure your mind and thought process. Try creating a travel itinerary with departure and arrival times to allow sufficient time for travelling and any stops along the way. This will stop frantic thoughts as everyone will be working to the same schedule without the need to rush. 

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Coping with Jet Lag

For many, the prospect of a long trip across the globe comes with many tribulations. Those who enjoy embarking on adventures, will also know the struggle of adapting to new time zones and experiencing jet lag. Going from Australia to our UK offices would definitely give us the feeling of fatigue if we didn’t take Travel Essence. Travel essence is the perfect companion to help ease the negative emotional effects of travel and reinvigorate your spirit after the draining experience. You will feel centred, calm, and refreshed as this remedy works to improve your sense of personal space and help you feel balanced and ready to go.

Whatever is troubling you about your upcoming trip, we will have an essence that can help you feel emotionally centred and balanced. Try our reference to find the right essence for you.

Love, Light, and Respect - ABFE UK