How To Feel Calm In The Sun

How To Feel Calm In The Sun

As we approach the height of English summer, it is more common to wake up to mornings of sunshine and warm weather. The presence of a warmer climate gives most the feeling of freedom and fullness, but some shy away from the changing season and need help to manage their emotions once the sun hits. We have a few tips and products to share to make your summer more enjoyable and stress-free.

Protect yourself in the sun

The thought of exposing yourself to the sun can make some people uneasy due to the fear of burning and skin damage that could lead to larger issues. It can be difficult to overcome this worry and see it’s irrationality so we have a few steps you can follow to feel less fearful in the light of the sun, and instead use it to feel empowered and positive.

Cover up - It can be difficult to cover your skin on days with hot weather. To protect your skin, opt for covered clothes in loose, light materials to allow yourself to still feel cool and comfortable, whilst relinquishing the fear of sun exposure. If you want to take extra precautions, wear a hat that provides shade and sunglasses to protect the face from direct sunlight.

Wear Sunscreen - It may seem obvious, but using a high spf sunscreen daily can help control anxiety surrounding burning. Instead of using a factor 30, try a factor 50 or 100 to fully protect the skin. For this to be effective, it must be re-applied throughout the day as recommended. The extra layer of protection should help calm and balance your emotions to allow you to enjoy your day.

Limit your time in the sun

Instead of pushing yourself to spend hours on the beach, just spend short periods in the sun daily to build your confidence and beat the irrationality by taking the appropriate precautions. Plan your trips to include air conditioned buildings, or shaded areas to ensure you feel comfortable in your surroundings.

If you are struggling to feel calm in your environment during the summer, try Emergency Essence Space Mist to feel comfort and reassurance wherever you are and allow you to rationalise your thoughts, with refreshing aromas of Neroli, Chamomile, Lavender and Bergamot essential oils to help calm anxious thoughts and uplift your spirits.

Solaris Essence

We believe in the comfort that nature can bring and its ability to help you feel balance and achieve clarity. Solaris remedy, with Mulla Mulla Essence enhances emotional recovery from discomforting experiences caused by the summer sun. Solaris is amazing at this time of year for reducing any negative emotional effects of the heat or sun's rays. This essence can be taken before going out in the sun or even as an after sun soother, even apply to the skin if you have been burnt or are red. We just love how it eases the discomfort of being hot. Not surprisingly, Solaris will also help to reduce any emotional symptoms or the emotional trauma from burns to the skin.

May your summer time in the sun be a relaxing and healthy one wherever you go,

With love, light and respect,