Ian’s May 2024 Newsletter

Ian’s May 2024 Newsletter

Celebrating New Beginnings

This month, I have the joy of sharing some personal and professional milestones. Recently, I became a grandfather, which has inspired me to focus on tips for childbirth and the early months of a child’s life. Alongside this, I'm excited to announce the launch of our new Sleep Roll-On. It's been a year since we introduced Calophyllum, the first new Bush Essence in 19 years, which has received fantastic feedback and plays a key role in our 2024 Essence.


Insights from Friends and Team Appreciation

Rox Subramany, a cherished friend of the Bush Essence family, praised our marketing efforts, expressing her pride in how we've presented the Bush Essences. She noted how the lives of many have been touched and transformed by these products. I share this pride, especially with the launch of our Sleep Roll-On, where our use of videos marked a significant step up. I am grateful to our dedicated team, including Karena, our Graphic Designer, and Nastassja, our Marketing Director, who have been instrumental in these efforts.


Anniversary of Calophyllum

Nastassja recently reminded me that it's been a year since we launched Calophyllum, an essence that encourages stepping out of one's comfort zone and taking an active role in life. This essence is central to our 2024 Essence, and I would love to hear your feedback if you've been using it or the new Sleep Roll-On.


Tips for Pets and Newborns

Our pets are incredibly sensitive to the environments they encounter. For instance, before taking our dog Rosie to the vet, we spray the consulting room with Space Clearing essence, which significantly eases her anxiety.

Cats can be challenging to administer essences to, so a useful method is to apply the drops to their paws, which they will lick off. Additionally, we had success using Mountain Devil essence to calm an aggressive fish in a tank.

Newborns are also highly sensitive. My daughter Grace used Space Clearing essence in her birthing suite and at home to create a calming environment for her newborn, Hudson. Many parents have found Space Clearing to be effective in settling their newborns when other methods fail. Some babies may cry as they process their birth experience, and a dose of Fringed Violet or Emergency Essence can help them do so more calmly.


Fringed Violet is also recommended to close the baby's aura, which remains open for six weeks around the anterior fontanelle. This practice is rooted in various cultural traditions and is essential for protecting the child's energy field during this vulnerable period. For those concerned about the brandy preservative in the essences, it can be evaporated by adding the drops to hot water, or the essences can be applied topically.


Thoughts on Technology

Regarding machines like Healy and Mora that replicate Bush Essences, I do not recommend them. These devices produce imitations that lack the self-adjusting qualities and spiritual essence present in the original products created in natural environments.


Travel Tips


As I prepare for a three-month teaching trip to Europe and Japan, I ensure to pack Space Clearing and Travel Essence drops. I recommend taking seven drops of Travel Essence every hour while awake during flights. This essence, formulated with fourteen individual essences, addresses the unique challenges of air travel, ensuring travellers remain balanced and invigorated.


Conclusion and Gratitude

I conclude this newsletter with gratitude for your continuous support and feedback. Please share your experiences with the essences, and I look forward to offering more insights in the future. Watch the full video on Fringed Violet featuring my old dog Pixie at the end of this blog.