Ian's February 2024 Newsletter

Ian's February 2024 Newsletter

Throughout 2024, everyone will be influenced by the energy of a Universal Year 8, part of a nine-year cycle. To deduce the Universal Year, sum the digits of the year. For instance, 2 + 0 + 2 + 4 equals 8. Come 2025, we'll transition to a Universal Year 9, and subsequently, a Universal Year 1 will follow, perpetuating the cycle.

My numerology instructor from the 1970s, David Phillips, characterised the Year 8 as a period marked by independence, wisdom, and prosperity.

In this nine-year cycle, nine symbolises the commencement of the cycle. It's an opportune moment for transformation and fresh starts, be it relocating or career shifts. Occasionally, the seed for change is sown during this year, yet actualisation might occur in the Year 1.

Substantial changes often entail increased financial demands. The preceding Year 8 is opportune for accumulating wealth, thereby supporting any transitions in Year 9. The number eight is deemed fortuitous and closely tied to financial prosperity in numerous cultures, particularly in Chinese culture.

Year 8s frequently witness abrupt changes as we exit the slower, stabilising phase of a Year 7. A Year 8 initiates a five-year span of significant growth, culminating in a Year 4, a period for integration and assimilation of the preceding five years' changes.

In Numerology, Eight represents the pinnacle of the emotional plane. Those with a prominent eight in their numerology chart are deemed exceptionally wise, with a keen organisational aptitude and a profound financial acumen. They excel as counsellors, given their inherent wisdom and supportive nature. Individuals with a prominent eight value their independence immensely. These traits, associated with the number eight, will be profoundly felt during a Universal Year 8.


In January, we introduced a novel Combination Remedy, our 2024 Essence. It's the inaugural instance of crafting a Remedy aligned with the Universal Year. The significance of this undertaking resonated deeply for this particular year, given the anticipated physical and metaphysical occurrences.

Eight Bush Essences were meticulously chosen for this transformative remedy. Designed to empower, this essence also aims to enrich your journey throughout the year, fostering a deep connection to the energies and potential that will define both you and 2024. It endeavours to optimise your experience over the entire twelve months.

Visualise the selected eight Essences as spokes on a vast wheel, revolving smoothly, offering myriad access points on all levels – emotional, spiritual, and beyond.

The 2024 Essence serves as a catalyst, fortifying courage and resilience. It emboldens introspection, guiding you to recognise areas needing fortification, and to dissolve any emerging doubts or concerns.

This transformative Essence empowers candid emotional expression while simultaneously opening the gateway to wholly embracing the Light. It ensures a harmonious alignment with the spiritual energies presently abundant.

Below is an outline of each of the eight Essences and the rationale for their selection.



Angelsword: In the prevailing climate, razor-sharp discernment is paramount, especially for the youth, urging them to discern the truth, assert their voice, and safeguard the environment, our sovereign rights, and resist autocratic, elitist tendencies.

The prevailing misinformation from media and governments is alarming, a trend that is likely to persist or worsen. Wisdom and discernment, key Year 8 traits, are ever crucial.

The profoundest wisdom emanates from the Source and your Higher Self. Angelsword intensifies your spiritual connection and inner communication, both of paramount importance currently.



Boab: Numerous individuals are engaged not only in resolving their emotional patterns but also in addressing generational ancestral patterns. Boab excels in this regard, making it, arguably, the most profound of the Bush Essences. Its profound healing qualities, akin to those of Waratah, Sturt Desert Pea, and Pink Mulla Mulla, are noteworthy.



Bluebell: A fundamental remedy in this combination and the Abund Essence. What better time than a Year 8 to employ these Essences? Bluebell aids in heart-opening, generosity, and altruism. It fosters an in-depth understanding of abundance and a belief in universal sufficiency. By dispelling scarcity fears, it encourages the joy of sharing, allowing the flow of abundance to permeate.

Bush Iris

Bush Iris: Alongside Angelsword, this Essence strengthens your spiritual connection and awareness. A Year 8 facilitates economic prosperity, preparing you for subsequent changes in Year 9. Misusing this wealth can undermine the transition into the new cycle.

Bush Iris also serves as a potent detoxifier, a crucial component of the Purifying Essence, given the increased exposure to toxins in recent times.



Calophyllum: The latest Bush Essence, arising from societal needs. It nurtures leadership qualities, irrespective of age or experience. These leaders inspire unity and action, advocating for the greater good and moral righteousness.

Calophyllum prompts stepping out of comfort zones, advocating community welfare. It also encourages tolerance and openness to differing viewpoints, countering the divisiveness prevalent in recent times.


Dog Rose

Dog Rose: Chosen for its ability to address pervasive concerns, especially among the younger demographic. It instils confidence, self-belief, and courage.

Sunshine Wattle

Sunshine Wattle: Following a challenging Universal Year 7, marked by health, financial, and relational difficulties, this Essence offers hope and optimism, particularly regarding financial situations. It prevents the prolongation of past difficulties into the new year, fostering a positive outlook for change.


Waratah: Essential during a 'dark night of the soul,' Waratah imparts immense courage, faith, and adaptability. It equips one to confront and overcome any challenge, essential given the potential upheavals ahead.

To commence the year afresh, consider spritzing your home with the Space Clearing Mist, creating a clean and vibrant energetic space for you and your family.