Keeping Up Your Mumma Mojo

Keeping Up Your Mumma Mojo

Being a mother is one of the most special gifts you can be given as a woman. For new mothers, and even those with a large family, it can become overwhelming as you learn about your child and how to be the best parent possible. To allow you to enjoy the time with your children and their journey through early life, we have created a selection of natural essences to help you embrace the joys and uniqueness of motherhood and feel capable of not only caring for your child, but also yourself.

Caring For You

When you embark on the journey of motherhood, it can be easy to neglect your own emotions and needs, to focus on the upbringing of your child, but to truly care for your child, you need to care for yourself. If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, then you will bring a bad energy and lack of focus towards your child. A mother that is joyful and relaxed, will raise a happy child and create a better family environment. To embrace the joys of motherhood, try our ‘Mumma Mojo. This can help give you your oomph back whilst strengthening the bond between mother and child - the best way to build a strong, nurturing relationship.

For new mothers, it can be difficult to trust your intuition as you learn something new every day. Our ‘Bush Fuchsia’ allows you to have more faith in your gut feeling and knowledge to make your own decisions and trust that you are doing best for your child. No mother is expected to feel confident from the day of birth, but our essences can help you feel free from apprehension and trust your motherly instincts. This will allow a more positive relationship with motherhood and create a calm and happy environment for your child.

Aiding Your Baby - To Care For Yourself

It can be easy to be told to take time for yourself as a mother to relax and enjoy some ‘you’ time, especially if your child has challenging habits or difficult routines. We have created a brand new line of essences just for young children to help you manage their unpredictable personalities - one for the trouble makers out there! If you find it difficult to unwind due to your child’s sleeping patterns, try ‘Dream Time’ to help them reach the land of nod and leave their inquisitive nature until the new day. This means that they can adapt to a new routine, and give you back some time to yourself.

A Reminder Of Your Worth

We know that motherhood can be challenging for many people. It is important to recognise that there is no such thing as the perfect mother. Over time we learn more about the journey, but as long as our love for our child remains constant, then you know that you are doing a job that you should be proud of. Here at AusFlowers, we support mothers.

Peace, Love, and Light - AusFlowers UK