Reigniting Your Romance

Reigniting Your Romance

As relationships reach longevity, the unrivalled passion and undying flame of love can dwindle. When suffering unresolved discrepancies, worsened by an inability to communicate, feeling estranged from your partner is only natural - however, a lost desire for each other's intimacy can take its toll. Australian Bush Flower Essences are on hand to detail the ways you can reignite the spark in romance and make your long term relationship thrive once again. 

Make Your Move - Ways to Rekindle Your Romance 

Practice Communication: 

Communication is the common culprit amongst almost all couples - making it an attribute of utmost importance. The ability to communicate your emotions can determine how you and your special someone interact, and more so, how you feel about each other. 

Improve Your Confidence:

Whether you need a little self-care or an awakening of your energy, carrying yourself with a little more confidence can work wonders for relationships of all kinds. From improving confidence in your appearance with our ABFE Skincare Range to reigniting your self-belief with our bespoke essences - there is something for you in our collection of natural remedies. 

Date Your Partner Again: 

Spontaneity, surprises and make your special someone’s day ought not to be left to just the first few months of your relationship. Whilst the ‘honeymoon phase’ is anticipated to come to an end, you should continue to pursue your partner in an effort to excite and impress them. 

Unconditional Love:

Love and its relentless energy is the basis of any good relationship. Giving love unconditionally is making an act of will to be open to the love vibration and to channel that energy to anyone or anything that we choose to. This is not to devalue romantic love which is both a powerful and very desirable aspect of love, but at times when you or the primary person in your life is not feeling loving or loveable then it is this ‘big’ love that can be drawn on no matter what the current environment. Sydney Rose is the essence of unconditional love. It is complemented beautifully with the use of the following essences to support the love vibration: Mountain Devil, Dagger Hakea, Bluebell and Rough Bluebell. 


Sexuality can be the finest expression of love. It breaks down personal boundaries, opens each partner to vulnerability and intimacy in a way that is unique. However, familiarity and other aspects of day to day living can push sexuality aside. The focus can move to work, money, family and other activities and sex will often slip down the list of priorities. The presence of children in the house results in a lack of time alone together and can get in the way of easy sexual intimacy. Fear of rejection, lack of self-confidence, boredom and physical tiredness all play their part. As does shame, guilt, or the trauma of past sexual abuse. Essences such as Sensuality Mist and Sexuality Combination are of great help, as are the Relationship, Dynamis and Confid Essences.

Rekindling the flame of your relationship is something of significant importance to couples everywhere. Reigniting passion will inevitably improve your intimacy, particularly when used in conjunction with the following ABFE products: 

ABFE’s to Re-ignite Romance 

Sensuality Space Mist: This Space Mist encourages the enjoyment of emotional intimacy. The sensuality of space mist encourages expression and a greater sense of fulfilment. 

Relationship Essence: This powerful bush flower essence promotes strength in intimate relationships by relieving pent up resentments to one another, improving communication and the ability to verbalise emotions with your partner. 

Sexuality: The Sexuality Essence Drops from ABFE encourage individuals to love their body, embrace touch and feel empowered in their sexuality. Formulated to release any trauma surrounding past sexual experiences, the Sexuality Essence Drops work to renew passion and interest in intimate relationships. 

Wisteria: This powerful essence works to awaken new realms of pleasure and physical intimacy; by easing any discomfort surrounding one’s sexuality. 

Bush Gardenia: This essence reignites intimacy by drawing individuals closer to each other. A renourished sense of closeness renews passion and strengthens relationships.

Combining the powerful healing properties of the Australian Bush Flower Essences with adoring acts of romance is a sure way to put the spark back into your relationship and reignite the passion with your significant other. Whether you are struggling as a couple, or it is your reservations that are holding you back from an admirably intimate relationship, there is an essence for you in the ABFE collection of remedies. Re-ignite your desires - shop the ABFE collection today. 

With much love, joy and respect,