Stress Awareness Month with ABFE

Stress Awareness Month with ABFE

With stress levels at an all-time high across the country having significant consequences on our mental and physical health, Stress Awareness Month is among the most important causes to commemorate annually. Taking precautions and consciously performing practices to reduce stress is now an everyday part of our lives. For this reason, Australian Bush Flower Essences are on hand to discuss the consequences of enduring severe stress and to raise awareness about this incredibly important month. 

What is Stress Awareness Month?

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992; the purpose of this month is to increase public awareness of the causes and cures of what is recognised as our modern-day epidemic. Stress is considered an incredible threat to our well-being, and it is damaging the health of the public considerably. 

Stress is a prevalent symptom in mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. Personal stress can pose further public health challenges. The modern stress epidemic has consequences such as insomnia, compromising our immune systems, cardiovascular health and digestive health - therefore, it should be taken seriously. 

Best Practices for Dealing With Stress

Exercise: Breaking a sweat encourages a greater sense of achievement, improves body image and releases endorphins - all of which contribute to a reduction in negative feelings and stress, thus allowing us to relax. 

Organisation: Keeping a ‘To Do List’ helps relieve feelings of anxiety, as they help us be both organised and accountable for our daily responsibilities. Additionally, many individuals find that keeping a diary account of their day helps them process their emotions and reflect on their day. Both means of reflective account/planning can help relieve stress; moreso, writing can be considered very therapeutic. 

Self-Care: From taking a hot bath to detoxing from your phone, many practices can be considered ‘self-care’ - each of which can work to decrease overwhelming feelings of stress. 

Talk To Someone: Confiding in a friend or family member you trust can lessen the overwhelming burden of whatever is causing you stress - moreso, they may be able to help you with what is troubling you.


Stress Relieving Products from ABFE

Emergency Collection: Available in Essence Drops, Oral Spray or Space Mist, the ‘Emergency’ essence collection works to comfort and reassure those in a state of panic, unease and distress - enriching them with the means to cope with their stressful situation.

Calm and Clear Collection: Specifically formulated to relieve external pressures that cause feelings of impatience and irritability, this essence works to encourage inner peace and relaxation - thus reducing powerful bouts of stress that can compromise our health. 

Meditation Essence: This powerful essence awakens spirituality and allows individuals to delve deeper into religious and spiritual practices, ultimately helping them meditate and relax and combat overwhelming feelings of stress. 

Awakens spirituality and allows individuals to delve deeper into religious and spiritual practices, to relax and combat overwhelming emotions.  

Our approach to handling everyday life stresses is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Following our suggested practices for coping with stress, combined with the above products from ABFE, is a sure way to help individuals best manage their heightened emotional state when experiencing feelings of stress. For more on the powerful healing properties of the ABFE collection, be sure to visit our website.