The Importance and Benefits of Staying Calm

The Importance and Benefits of Staying Calm

Amongst the chaos of everyday life, it is easy to become consumed and overwhelmed with emotions and obligations. From immediately influencing our reactions to later compromising our physical and mental well-being, emotional control and release are a necessity. For these reasons, ABFE is on hand to discuss the importance and benefits of staying calm and collected in daily  life - and more so, to detail to you our powerful natural remedies that work to promote a sense of tranquillity! 

The Physical and Mental Benefits of Staying Calm

Health care professionals preach regular exercise and taking time to oneself, and with good reason - both of these encourage improved physical and mental well-being. Processing and releasing stress, amongst various other pent up emotions, enables individuals to remain calm and collected in daily life. 

An inability to remain calm can often manifest into feelings of paramount stress and panic. Not only can these emotions compromise our rationality and response, they can directly induce physical symptoms such as digestive imbalances, headaches, high blood pressure, hair loss, rashes, cardiovascular issues and more.

The Social Significance of Staying Calm 

When it comes to various social situations, remaining calm can have a significant impact on the way we handle ourselves and interact with others. For example: 

In Relationships: Remaining calm is a vital part of interacting with others. In times of emotional distress, we do not always communicate with those closest to us in the way they deserve. Whilst this is normal, it can compromise relationships between us and our partners, families and friends.

In The Workplace: Maintaining professionalism in the workplace can increase your value within the business and later manifest into career opportunities. When employers can see your competence in handling delegated responsibilities, they will value your contribution and seek to reward your dedication. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that individuals remain calm when challenging work-related situations present themselves. 

Our Self-Image: When overcome with panic or stress, we can act on impulse. More often than not, these actions are not our most controlled, sensible or graceful, thus making situations considerably worse for ourselves. Such cycles can compromise our self-perception, causing personal resentment that could have been prevented with an improved ability to maintain calm. 

ABFE Products That Promote Calmness 

Calm and Clear Collection: The Calm and Clear Collection encourages inner peace and relaxation; by relieving external pressures that contribute to powerful feelings of stress, irritability, and impatience that can significantly impact our well-being.  

Emergency Essence: The Emergency Essence, available as Essence Drops, Oral Spray or Space Mist, enriches individuals with the means to cope when confronted with stressful situations that cause distress and panic. 

Meditation Essence: Accessing a Meditative state can help individuals relax and combat overwhelming emotions whilst accessing a heightened state of religion and spirituality.

Mint Bush - brings calmness where there is turmoil, chaos and perturbation.

Black-eyed Susan - the remedy to relax and chill out.

Boronia - brings about calmness and stillness in a person when their mind is over-active, when they keep going over and over in their mind the same conversations or incidents.

An ability to stay calm will impact our social interactions and physical and mental well-being - therefore, emotional control is in everyone’s best interest. In addition to emotion releasing practices such as exercise and self-care, ABFE is on hand with a collection of powerful natural remedies that can help you remain calm. Discover more about our remedies today.