The natural guide to men's wellbeing

The natural guide to men's wellbeing

With Men’s Health Week approaching, it is important to highlight the ways that we can improve male wellbeing. It is important to incorporate natural methods to boost your mood and make you feel more like yourself - the best solution for the mind and body. We have 5 focuses to ensure that you feel balanced.

Connect With Others

Connecting with others makes you feel close to, and supported, by the ones you love. It is important to build strong, trusting relationships as it allows you to share emotions and gain advice. During difficult times, the support of others can pick you up and make you feel stable again. It is as simple as having someone else on the end of the phone, just a chance to feel close to someone else. If you struggle to feel connected, try Gymea Lily - perfect for developing a greater awareness for relationships and the importance of deep connections. You can also use Red Helmet Orchid to aid in evolving healthy relationships, mutual respect, and consideration, especially with male figures.

Be Present

It can be easy to dwell on the past or live in worry of the future, without feeling present or engaged in everyday life. It is important to be present to feel fulfilled and excited by life. Instead of focusing on past negativity, or future worries, it is best for your wellbeing to be grateful for everything you have in the moment. It can be as simple as looking forward as you walk instead of down at the ground, or not using your phone when you are out, and taking in the scenery instead. If you have trouble being present, try our Red Lily to feel connected and focused on living a fulfilled life. You can also try Black-Eyed Susan to ease your mind and bring back relaxing days that go at your own pace.

Learn Something New

Enriching your brain with new knowledge is a great way to make yourself feel empowered. If you have ever wanted to adopt a new talent or skill, it can be a great distraction from day to day life to focus on something that you really want to do. To help with self-improvement, try our Hibbertia. Best for taking satisfaction in your successes, Hibbertia is great for those who need to have extra faith in their natural ability and skills.

Give To Others

It is common to feel better about yourself when you have a positive impact on others. By giving your time and compassion to someone else, you will feel a sense of fulfillment. Kangaroo Paw can help bring out feelings of kindness and the willingness to build stronger bonds with others. The ability to show selflessness is a valuable trait and is desirable to other people. The fondness of others will give you a better sense of self-worth.

Men’s wellbeing is always important, and Men’s Health Week is a great time to share awareness and some tips to improve well-being naturally. If you have some tips that work for you, then please share them below. Now is a great time to support others and lift them with methods that have worked for you. Let's all band together and support men’s health and wellbeing.

Love, Light, and Respect - ABFE Team