The founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences is Ian White, a fifth-generation herbalist with a lifelong love of the art of herbalism. His formal education complements the learning he received as he explored the Australian outback with his grandmother as a young boy.  

He now teaches the Bush Essence courses in over 30 countries. That means that he has been teaching the fundamentals of Flower Essence to more people than anyone else on the planet!

A world leader in the field of flower essences, Ian specialises in using his in-depth knowledge of one of the calming and balancing effect of nature's most meaningful gifts: Australia’s wild plants.

Ian has built a team of like-minded experts who are passionate about healing through natural resources.

Every member of the team brings passion and excitement into the positive workspace and are proud of their reputation for providing effective resources to people around the world who look for emotional and spiritual balance.

From developing the best flower essences remedies, working with qualified and globally respected cosmetic chemists, extensively training practitioners and connecting only the best in distributors, the Flower Essences team aims to enhance happiness in the field of natural wellness.

It is why education is the cornerstone of our goals. There are now qualified teachers all around the world who have been taught by our experts and continue to bring every-day balance, showing how natural flower remedies can restore stability in every area of your life.