Our Commitment

Remedies Australian Bush Flower Essences

The Australian Bush Flower Essences company was founded in the mid-1980s. Our commitment has remained the same: to provide the purest and most potent natural flower essence products possible.

With a team of over 30 talented and dedicated staff, Ian travels to the remotest parts of Australia to source organic, natural essences from the most pristine environments. To ensure that our unique range of essences are made in perfect conditions and have a strong focus on natural balances, we never cultivate our own plants. Instead, we gather plants that are growing wildly in Australia. That’s because native plants that have prospered in harsh environments are loaded with stronger life force. Artificial environments for plant growth reduce that energy, which is why we will never work with unnaturally cultivated plants and flowers. Our range of essences has been sourced in all regions of Australia, from the alpine to the tropical, and the coastal to the desert.

All our products are preserved in its organic form, and our team benefits from daily guided meditation sessions that help us stay tuned to the positive energies of the world. With our commitment to creating only essence remedies that can promote wellness and spiritual completion, as well as the highest quantity of organic ingredients in our all certified organic skin and body care range, you know that you are getting the optimal healing for all your metaphysical, spiritual, and emotional health needs.

Australian Bush Flower remedies can provide you with more clarity and focus, but they can also:

● Build your courage and the strength to pursue your dreams;
● Improve intuition and self-esteem;
● Naturally develop your spirituality, creativity, and openness to joy.