How to Get a Good Night Sleep – With ABFE

How to Get a Good Night Sleep – With Australian Bush Flower Essences

The ideal of a perfect night’s sleep, is often replaced with other stresses that take over our lives. The power of a good night should be viewed as a priority, as while we sleep, it is an opportunity for our body to repair, recover, and recharge whilst also improving mental clarity. Every day that we disrupt our sleep, our body cannot fully recover from the day before. It is common to go through periods within your life when sleep is irregular and disruptive to daily life. Our essences can help enable you to reach a peaceful state that helps improve your sleep.

What is a good nights’ sleep?

A good nights’ sleep is 7-9 hours of un-interrupted sleep where you are not stirring or un-settled. How you feel after sleeping is completely individual, some feel best after a long 9 hours sleep, whilst other prefer a shorter sleep then rest during the day.

How can relaxation aid sleep?

To truly relax into sleep, you need to find your inner calm and alignment. Calm and Clear essence was created to help you find your stillness and let go of impatience and irritability. This essence can help you to forget about the external stresses of life and focus on balancing your body and mind from the inside. The calm inner peace created by the essence, can enable the mind to switch off and enter a place of sleep. Minimise mental activity in the evening. Avoid working, doing life admin, or sending emails just before bed. 

If you are frequently feeling distress in the evenings, un-related to sleep, then you can help soothe emotional turmoil with the Emergency essence drops. These can help provide comfort and reassurance to reach a more settled state. Once settled, you will find it easier to let your body drift into sleep as your mind will be clear of distress.

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How can you overcome the fear of sleep?

It is quite common for people to struggle with sleep due to the fear of nightmares and phobias. This can make sleep feel like a chore, rather than a chance to harness inner peace and tranquillity. Our Green Spider Orchid essence can help instil your greater senses. and support you when you need to attune to reality. While both Green Spider Orchid and Grey Spider Flower essence can help with terror, fear and release nightmares to help you align and find peace with yourself and at night time. Our Space Clearing mist can be used to help you find tranquillity in your space and clear the air of negativity. This creates a ‘safe space’ environment to help relax the body and create the perfect space for sleep.

What should I eat and drink to help me sleep better? 

From research, eating and drinking this selection of produce before bed can encourage a less interrupted, longer sleep: 

  • Kiwis
  • Tart Cherries
  • Malted Milk
  • Herbal tea - find infusions with sleep herbs such as: chamomile, lavender, valerian, also nutmeg and cinnamon.

 There are also things to avoid eating or drinking:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Eating just before you sleep (to avoid active digestion while sleeping)
  • Caffeine intake

 Sleep Australian Bush Flower Essences UK

Read how ABFE has helped others to sleep – sharing our community’s stories

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Testimonial from TY, Sydney on Bottlebrush and Crowea 

My friend K. is going through some changes in her life.  She returned from Japan a few months ago and is looking for a house to buy and a new job.  She is also experiencing some difficulty at her current work and some pressure and control from her husband’s parents.  She is quite a serious person and often worrying about a lot of things.  She noticed that she became more prone to being irritated and feeling angry.  Lately, she couldn’t sleep with some stomach pain from thinking about her problems and worries.  Therefore, I gave her a combination of Bottlebrush and Crowea for her major changes in life, stress and worry.  A few days later when I saw her she came up to me and told me ‘It’s working!’ with a big smile.  She said that she didn’t feel stomach pain anymore and didn’t wake up in the middle of the night and start worrying about things.  She now feels much easier with everything than previously and feels more peaceful and calm.

Sleep Well by Katherine Tolano, Australia

A seven-year-old boy was experiencing overwhelming fears and nightmares that were preventing him from falling asleep without a lot of drama and coaxing from both parents.  The following combination was prescribed: Grey Spider Flower (overwhelming fears) + Green Spider Orchid (for when there may be past life issues playing out) + Dog Rose (for more generalised fears) + Boronia (for persistent/obsessive thoughts) + Bauhinia (to be open to change). 

The first night after taking it (took some persuasion to have him use it) he was asleep within minutes.  There is further work being done now to address more of the core issues within the child.