Mental Wellbeing and Sleep

Mental Wellbeing and Sleep

Sleep and mental well-being work hand in hand. When either is disrupted, it can lead us down a spiral of exhaustion creating anxiety and stress.  By targeting the root of the issue and using a selection of techniques alongside the capabilities of our Bush Flower Essences, you can find a balance between quality sleep and positive wellbeing. 


Why does your brain need sleep?

While we sleep, the neurons in our brain shrink, making the channels wider. This allows the brain to detox and function correctly. Sleep deprivation is also directly linked to lack of awareness, a shorter attention span, and worsened memory functions. In proven research, people would be happier with an extra hour of sleep per night than a financial reward. 


Insomnia causes short or long-term sleep issues where it can be difficult to get to sleep and then stay asleep until it is time to wake. There are a few natural solutions that can help you improve your sleeping patterns - 

Exercise - By doing daily exercise, you are using energy levels that would otherwise remain high before rest. This means that your body and muscles will be tired, therefore making it easier to fall into a quicker, deeper sleep. This doesn’t have to be heavy exercise, even adding a short walk to your daily routine will help your body feel more tired in the evening.

Yoga - This has been found to alleviate stress and improve focus levels within those who practice yoga regularly. By adding yoga into your evening routine, it will help the body unwind and relax your muscles to create the perfect balance needed to aid sleep.

Stress and Fear

Rising levels of fear and stress can contribute to unhealthy sleeping patterns. If you are finding it difficult to help your mind unwind and avoid intrusive thoughts when attempting to rest, try some of the following natural solutions - 

Mindfulness - This consists of finding a quiet environment where you can be alone whilst focusing on your breathing, thought, feelings, and sensations. If you find it difficult to focus on mindfulness on your own, it can be useful to utilise resources such as apps and podcasts to be guided through your initial mindfulness sessions. Popular apps include Calm and Headspace.

Positive Affirmations - If you suffer from intrusive thoughts from stress and fear, positive affirmations can replace negativity with positivity. Instead of focusing on the negatives, focus on thoughts or goals that bring you joy. Once you have your affirmation, repeat it in your head whilst breathing deeply to bring a sense of calm and open-mindedness. If you struggle to find clarity,  try our Calm and Clear remedy to help unwind, and stop thinking about and worrying about external pressures and demands. Meditation Essence will enhance your inner guidance and deeper focus on affirmations. 

Handling Fear and Night terrors - Green Spider Orchid can help the mind be released from past fear and trauma that could be hindering your sleeping pattern. Fear makes it very difficult to find inner peace as your body is full of adrenaline. In times of fear and panic before sleep, try seven drops of Emergency essence to re-balance the body and find a sense of courage and peace.

We wish you a life of peaceful nights’ sleep using Australian Bush Flower Essences and other natural healing methods.

Peace and sweet dreams, the ABFE team