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Make the most of your Essences

For Emotional Needs and Quality of Life

Australian Bush Flower Remedies and concentrated Single Essences' flower solutions are one of the most effective ways to naturally revert an emotional condition.

Bloom with the transformative power of nature and reconnect to your full potential.

Displayed alphabetically, explore our own “flowerpedia” and see which flower remedies can balance your emotional wellbeing, and support your family’s healthy lifestyle.

Dog Rose - Where there is fear and shyness around others.

Five Corners - helps build up self-confidence.

Gymea Lily - transforms the negative thoughts you have about your oppressor.

Tall Mulla Mulla - feeling unsafe about confrontation and lack of harmony when with other people.

Bauhinia, Slender Rice Flower - helps accept where anybody different or new is not easily understood or included into the society.

Boab - helps where there has been a long ongoing karmic pattern of persecution or prejudice, involving either a race or a religious group.

Freshwater Mangrove - for the person who has been taught by family to be closed by cultural and religious differences, but who has had no personal experience to bring about this view or to feel this way.

Sydney Rose - to know at a heart level we are all one.

Dagger Hakea - anger, resentment, jealously towards someone close.

Pink Mulla Mulla - hurt or abuse from the past.

Southern Cross - blaming others; victim mentality.

Mint Bush - for people in caring situations who are in danger of burning out.

AngelswordRed LilyMint Bush - for being emotionally drained.

Black-eyed Susan - for the constant striving and rushing and busyness in your life which leads to burnout.

Cognis Essence - for mental burnout.

Emergency Essence - take frequently to get through any crisis.

MacrocarpaDynamis Essence - renews enthusiasm and joy for life. It is for those who feel ‘not quite right’, drained, jaded or not fully recovered from setbacks.

Red Suva Frangipani - for the emotional exhaustion while going through a rocky period in a relationship.

Black-eyed Susan - the remedy to relax and chill out.

Boronia - brings about calmness and stillness in a person when their mind is over-active, when they keep going over and over in their mind the same conversations or incidents.

Bottlebrush - adapting and coping with change.

Crowea - soothes emotional intensity; for worry; it balances, centres and brings about peace and calm.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces - where emotions are in danger of going out of control in highly emotive situations.

Grey Spider Flower - for phobias, nightmares, extreme fear or terror; brings about courage, calmness, faith.

Kangaroo PawTall Mulla MullaPink Mulla Mulla - creates a sense of ease and calm; for those who are uncomfortable in social gatherings.

Mint Bush - brings calmness where there is turmoil, chaos and perturbation.  

Sundew or Red Lily - for bringing back to earth and grounding those who are flying high mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Mint Bush - helps sustain, emotionally and physically, professional or full-time home carers.

Old Man Banksia - for very empathetic people who always have a friendly ear for friends or family in trouble.

Philotheca - constitutional for many healers or carers who find it easier to give than receive.

Red Grevillea - for those who feel they have no choice, that they are stuck in their situation of looking after an invalid or incapacitated family member.

Angelsword - conflict in determining if a message is from your Higher Self Consciousness.

Bauhinia - avoiding conflict by being able to embrace differences in another individual.

Paw Paw - when there is difficulty choosing between one or more options.

Red Suva Frangipani - difficulties and conflicts in intimate relationships.

Slender Rice Flower - whenever there is lack of co-operation and group harmony.

Wild Potato Bush - the conflict between what you want to do and what you are physically able to do.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid - conflict when others are seen to be breaking the rules and regulations.

Dog Rose - overcoming fear and shyness and to stand up for yourself.

Five Corners - feeling strong enough in yourself that you can confront others if it is necessary to do so.

Sturt Desert Rose - being true to yourself and doing what you know you must do, even when you may come into conflict or confrontation as a consequence.

Billy Goat Plum, Five Corners- denial of physical body.

Bluebell- when a person is in denial and totally cuts off their feelings.
Yellow Cowslip Orchid- can use intellect to rationalise away their feelings and emotions.
Bottlebrush- to recognise that material things or relationships have changed, are no longer needed or have moved on, and to let go of them and the past.
Bush Fuchsia- when ignoring or denying your intuition and gut feelings.
Bush Iris- for rejection of the existence of anything spiritual.
Flannel Flower Essence- those who deny their physicality, sensitivity, gentleness, sensuality and passion due to fear of physical or emotional intimacy.
Hibbertia- where over-emphasis on intellectual development, fanatical self-improvement or strict personal regime results in self-denial and self-repression.
Pink Mulla Mulla - denial of your spiritual path.
Red Lily- grounding; for those who tend to live in the ethers, ignoring their physicality.
Sturt Desert Rose- to honour yourself and your personal integrity.

Hibbertia - to be very strong and self-disciplined when the need or situation arises.

Jacaranda - moving from task to task without organization or self-discipline to complete something.

Peach-flowered Tea-tree - to maintain interest and complete a project after the initial enthusiasm has waned.

Red Helmet Orchid - for individuals, especially adolescents, who rebel against and have trouble accepting authority, rules and regulations.

Wedding Bush - deciding and sticking to it.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid - can often become disciplinarians because they believe in and love rules and regulations and hate them to be broken.

Jacaranda - for the person with scattered energies who lacks focus.

Sundew - when procrastinating or vague and dreamy and in a world of your own.

Bush Fuchsia - allows you to tune into and access the dream state.

Green Spider Orchid - nightmares relating to past times.

Grey Spider Flower - nightmares of unknown origin.

Isopogon - dramatically improves dream recall the next morning.

Red Lily - for grounding after being deep in the dream state.

Sundew - alleviates excessive daydreaming.

Bluebell - after heart surgery it is seen as a good sign for long-term recovery if the patients can cry a great deal, getting in touch with and releasing emotions that have been blocked for a long time – and a likely cause of the heart problem in the first place.

Sturt Desert Pea - helps the person who keeps bottled up deep sadness and grief to release their hurt and pain.

Alpine Mint Bush - carers becoming weary and burnt out from constantly being totally responsible for and worrying about those in their charge.

Fringed Violet - protects the sensitive person from being like a psychic sponge and taking on the problems, energies and feelings of others.

Kangaroo Paw - the positive aspect of this remedy is someone very much aware of the needs of others, specially the host who can put himself in the other’s position and recognise, meet their needs, and difficulties in advance.

Old Man Banksia - helps natural empathetic people to realise their limits and not get overburdened by the problems of others.

Rough Bluebell - the remedy to enhance empathy.

Angelsword - to receive clear information from your Higher Self Consciousness without interference.

Bush Iris - helps to open people up to their own spirituality and to access the doorway to their higher mystic perceptions.

Red Lily - for spiritual meditation and connection with celestial light in a grounded and centred way.

Isopogon - helps to both recall and learn from past experiences.

Southern Cross - for anyone who is unable to make the connection between how the words, thoughts and actions that they put out will come back to them in the creation of their reality. This essence enables a person to realise it is they who create their reality and that, if experiences keep recurring, it is not fate and that they can change it so that it doesn’t happen again.

Spinifex - the continual reappearance of any illness or symptom picture is an indication that we have not learnt the lesson that it had to teach us.

Dog Rose - where fear of failing manifests as failure itself.

Emergency Essence - to deal with the stock and trauma when failure is sudden and unexpected.

Five Corners - rather than seeing failure as a learning experience, for people that give themselves a really hard time and generally erode their self-worth. When goals or projects into which a person has put a lot of effort don't succeed, this can often indicate that there is a subconscious sabotage occurring. The bottom line behind most sabotages is that the person doesn't believe that they are good enough to deserve the goal or project.

Isopogon , Southern Cross - helps us to learn from our mistakes and failure and move forward in our personal growth.

Kapok Bush - where failure is a consequence of giving up because it all seemed too difficult, too much effort.

Red Suva Frangipani - for the period of turmoil when a relationship fails.

Silver Princess - works at helping to find a new direction in life during the period of let-down after something has failed.

Sturt Desert Rose - to clear any feelings of guilt associated with failure.

Sunshine Wattle - for when, after one or a series of failures, they feel as if nothing will succeed.

WaratahTall Yellow Top - when depression, or despair rises after a failure.

Boronia - accentuates the focus for creative visualisation, or whenever something needs to be kept squarely focused on in the mind.

Gymea Lily - the strength to stay focused on and passionately pursue your personal growth.

Jacaranda - where energies are scattered; these people dither and are easily distracted.

Red Lily - it is for spirituality and connection to God in a grounded and centred way. It can be used after any prolonged meditative or spiritual practice to ground and get you back to the day-to-day world.

Silver Princess - helps find direction and focus in life.

Sundew - it enhances attention to detail; for people who daydream, are vague or ‘split off’ easily, are indecisive and procrastinate.

Bottlebrush - letting go and moving on.

Dagger Hakea - for friends, family and those close to you; it is the forgiveness essence.

Mountain Devil - helps to develop unconditional love and acceptance, thereby opening the way to forgiveness of anyone against whom you have a hatred, anger, suspicion or grudge; it is usually used for people not personally close to you.

Sturt Desert Rose - self-forgiveness.

Black-eyed Susan - being speedy and always on the go with lots of things happening all at once.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces - to stay calm and not get caught up in panic or frantic and hysterical scenes.

Jacaranda - intense scattered energy, chaotically moving from one thing to another.

Peach-flowered Tea-tree - for addressing the manic phase in manic depression.

Black-eyed Susan - for the 'go-go-go' type person, helping them to slow down and find their quiet inner space where they can become aware of, and know the best way to achieve their goal.

Boronia - greatly improves and deepens creative visualisation where you can see and focus on achievement rather than on failure.

Bush Fuchsia - enhancing intuition so goals may arise from this intuitive state.

Five Corners - lacking confidence in own ability; to eliminate subconscious sabotage.

Green Spider Orchid- to keep ideas within and share only when time is right and not dissipate the energy by talking about the goal or project before it is manifested or completed.

Hibbertia- for flexibility and adjustment.

Illawarra Flame Tree- know the goal but fear the responsibility of it.

Isopogon- to prevent repetition of past behaviour or experiences.

Jacaranda- to focus and be still and to complete.

Kapok Bush- giving up and not trying because it is too hard; breaking the goal into smaller parts or steps that can easily be achieved one by one, rather than just seeing one big overwhelming project.

Paw Paw- using own inner wisdom to make decisions; overwhelm from too many ideas.

Peach-flowered Tea-tree- to allay boredom in the middle of it all; for those who start off enthusiastically but later lose interest.

Philotheca- to accept and let in the acknowledgement for achieving the goal.

Red Grevillea- know what the goal is but don't know how to achieve it.

Silver Princess- for clearing the let-down, 'what, so what?' feeling that can commonly occur straight after the goal has been attained. It gives sense of the next direction to move on to.

Southern Cross- to empower yourself to create what you want.

Sundew- focusing on what is needed to achieve goal and stopping any procrastination.

Sunshine Wattle- to realise that failure or struggle in past need not be repeated.

Wedding Bush- commitment to the goal.

Green Spider Orchid - speaking about information before the time is right.

Kangaroo Paw - inappropriate or immature talking about people or situations with a lack of awareness of the consequences.

Rough Bluebell - being indifferent about hurting others to achieve own ends.

Sturt Desert Rose - helps people follow their own inner convictions and morality.

Bluebell - helping to express feelings; to cope with denial.

Boronia + Bottlebrush - pining for partner after relationship break-up.

Bottlebrush - when holding on to grief; helps accept inevitable changes.

Dagger Hakea - anger associated with loss of loved one, loss of job, failure of scheme, etc.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces - when emotions are in danger of going out of control.

Flannel Flower Essence - for soothing hurt.

Illawarra Flame Tree - where there are feelings of rejection.

Little Flannel Flower Essence - grief in child after separation for, or death of, parent.

Pink Mulla Mulla - where there was deep hurt that went back perhaps to first incarnation.

Red Suva Frangipani - raw emotions associated with relationship break-up or death of loved one.

Sturt Desert Rose - for guilt associated with loss.

Sturt Desert Pea - for ongoing hurt after loss of love done; deep hurt going back a long time.

Sturt Desert PeaRed Suva Frangipani- for sadness.

Tall Yellow Top - when grief is because of feelings of alienation, aloneness.

Boab - the heavy ‘duty’ message often presents in old family patterns.

Five Corners - for some people their self-esteem is so low that they apologise constantly for nearly anything or everything, even when they are not responsible at all.

Hibbertia - their fanatic-like drive to be better or perfect often stems from a sense that they have not done well enough up until now.

Sturt Desert Rose - sexual or religious guilt; guilt about anything you did or did not do in the past; guilt after death of child; young children are very egocentric and if they experience sexual abuse, their parents’ divorce or one parent dying, then they often feel they are responsible for it, which produces a lot of guilt.

Black-eyed Susan- letting go of impatience and irritation with self and others.

Bluebell- opening-up heart to others.

Bush Gardenia- deepens relationship between partners and family members.

Dagger Hakea- for forgiveness of those close to you.

Gymea Lily- allowing others to contribute and share in group decisions without overriding them.

Kangaroo Paw- to be aware of the impact of your behaviour on others and to be aware of the needs of others.

Little Flannel Flower Essence- to allow the qualities of play and spontaneity as well as a sense of humour to come out during interaction with others.

Slender Rice Flower- helps create group harmony and co-operation.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid- to be less critical of those around you.

Dagger Hakea - intense resentment towards family and friends around them which is often bottled up.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces - when an individual gets totally swept up by anger or hatred and loses their self-control.

Freshwater Mangrove - prejudice and hatred taken on from family vices and programming.

Mountain Devil - anger, envy, jealousy and hatred generally; this essence helps to develop unconditional love and acceptance; absence of love.

Slender Rice Flower- racial prejudice and hatred stemming from an individual’s prior experience of that group.

Five Corners - where there is such a strong sense of lack of self-worth and low self-esteem that an individual feel totally inadequate.

Kapok Bush - for whenever there is a feeling of resignation of apathy, two emotions guaranteed to create a feeling of helplessness; helps a person to understand or repair objects, instruments or technological equipment – areas in which many people feel helpless.

Paw Paw - to improve access to Higher Self – your own inner wisdom for whenever you have to make a decision for yourself.

Red Grevillea - when feeling stuck and unable to achieve your desired outcome.

Southern Cross - for those with a degree of victim mentality, allowing them to realise and come into their own power.

Waratah - for courage to do what has to be done.

Bush Iris- fosters faith, hope and belief in life, and in a spiritual realm.

Dog Rose - by overcoming fear, it restores faith.

Kapok Bush - it helps remove feelings of hopelessness, allowing the bright rays of hope to shine.

Sunshine Wattle - to counter expectation of grim future.

Waratah - for engendering hope in dark, ‘black night of the soul’ times.

Black-eyed Susan- for quick thinkers and movers who become frustrated with others and themselves when things are all moving too slowly.

Gymea Lily- for natural leaders who are used to taking control of a situation, to assist them to step back and allow others to voice their opinions and have their input.

Jacaranda- allows them to be fully focused in what they are doing and not be distracted by, or become impatient to start, other projects - even if the current one is not finished.

Peach-flowered Tea-tree- they become impatient and bored when there is no longer a challenge in what they are doing.

Bauhinia - being irritated by a person or people who do things very different to you.

Black-eyed Susan - annoyance or impatience with others who are less efficient or quick.

Crowea - where irritation comes from worry.

Dagger Hakea - irritation towards those immediately and intimately close to you.

Dog Rose - when fear or anxiety results in irritable behaviour.

Paw Paw - when irritability stems from being overwhelmed and stretched by events or situations.

Mountain Devil - jealousy, envy, suspicion or rivalry.

Slender Rice Flower - envious of others; comparing with others.

Travel Essence- take morning and night the day before and for a few days after a long flight, but hourly while awake on the plane. This combination enables you to arrive at your destination feeling balanced and ready to go.

Alpine Mint Bush - revitalisation of carers who have lost their joy.

Banksia Robur- enjoyment of life; energy and enthusiasm.

Billy Goat Plum - sexual pleasure and enjoyment of your body.

Bluebell - opening heart and joyful sharing.

Five Corners - love, acceptance and celebration of the self, leading to joyousness.

Little Flannel Flower Essence- releasing the child within; carefree and playful.

Red Lily - the joy that stems from the awareness and knowing that you are the loving child of a loving God.

Silver Princess - the tremendous joy of knowing that you are on track in your life, knowing that you are doing what you came here to do.

Sunshine Wattle - optimism; acceptance of beauty and joy in the present.

Five Corners - for the person who is overly critical of themselves.

Freshwater Mangrove - for those who judge others because of learnt mental prejudice.

Bluebell , Red LilyWaratah- for opening the crown and heart chakras to the greatest magnitude of love which in turn can transmute much karma.

Boab- will clear lines of karma between people so that they do not need to interact with each other and pay-back old scores this lifetime.

Flannel Flower Essence- can be added to She Oak if, after taking the latter for six months, no conception has occurred. It will then help to clear any karmic blocks that may be preventing conception.

Dog Rose - for the shy, fearful person.

Five Corners - self-love.

Illawarra Flame Tree - for the person who feels rejected.

Boronia - helping those who are infatuated with or obsessed by someone else.

Bottlebrush - coping with life changes and the ability to let go what was; breaking old habits and letting go of things that are no longer needed.

BottlebrushRed Helmet Orchid - work to release any old unresolved mother and father issues an individual may have.

Fringed Violet - releases the shock and trauma of any previous incident which can keep the person, on some level, back at that time.

Mint Bush - helps cope with the burning-off of the dross – an essential process which almost invariably precedes you moving to a new higher spiritual level.

Sturt Desert Pea - deal with and releasing old, deep hurt.

Sundew - releasing any preoccupation with the past or future to be fully present in the now.

Transition Essence - as well as being used to assist an individual pass over gently, calmly and with dignity, it can also help an old part of yourself to ‘die’ so as to clear the way to move forward.

Bauhinia - where there is an unwillingness to venture into new areas of life.

Boab - to clear the family patterns and beliefs around career, money, etc. that can swamp the essence of a person and their knowing of what they are here to do.

Boronia - when your options about a life decision keep going round and round in your head.

Bottlebrush - when, in following your life purpose, you are led into a brand-new area or phase of life. This essence assists the transition and any associated difficulties with it.

Five Corners - for people who believe they are not good enough or don’t deserve to be what they want to be.

Gymea Lily - giving support to go ‘out on a limb’, to aim high.

Kapok Bush - for the child or adult who won’t try to achieve and fulfil their dreams and visions because it all seems too hard and difficult.

Paw Paw - helping with the overwhelm in making decisions about a new direction in your life.

Silver Princess - for finding your life direction when you are at a crossroad and not sure where to go, or when you are still seeking what it is you are here to do.

Sturt Desert Rose - to galvanise your inner strength to follow your own career and dreams and not be talked out of it, especially by parents projecting their own expectations onto you.

Flannel Flower Essence - where any sort of closeness or intimacy is uncomfortable and difficult.

Gymea Lily -feeling very alone when striving to totally fulfil your highest life purpose and reach great heights, or when breaking away from consensus reality and realising there aren’t too many like-minded people there with you.

Illawarra Flame Tree - for any feelings of rejection or being unappreciated.

Pink Mulla Mulla - for those who won’t let others get close through fear of being hurt again.

Tall Mulla Mulla - feeling unsafe about mixing with other people.

Tall Yellow Top - feeling isolated, alienated or abandoned.

Bluebell - unable to share possessions because of fear of lack.

Bush Iris - for the person stuck in a purely materialistic way of life.

Mint Bush - for any mental or emotional weariness or exhaustion arising from being in a constant caring role.

Bluebell Bottlebrush - assisting the parent to lovingly release and let go of their children as they grow up and mature.

Boab - letting go of preceding negative family patterns of parenting.

Bottlebrush - bonding of mother with child; adapting to continual inevitable change.

Bush Fuchsia - to trust and follow their intuition and instinctive wisdom while parenting.

Bush FuchsiaGreen Spider OrchidKangaroo Paw - help build parents’ awareness of the needs of the child.

Bush Gardenia - for family bonding.

Bottlebrush- for accepting and adapting to such a major change within your body and psyche.

Illawarra Flame Tree- where there is a fear of rejection from your partner.

Macrocarpa- for feeling drained or jaded.

Mulla Mulla- for any emotional distress associated with hot flushes.

Peach-flowered Tea-tree- for mood swings.

Woman Essence- harmonising any emotional imbalances during menopause.

She Oak - very beneficial in overcoming balances in and bringing about a sense of wellbeing in females.

Black-eyed Susan - carried away by own enthusiasm and so becoming impatient, irritable.

Jacaranda - scattered energies where interest and attention can quickly fluctuate.

Peach-flowered Tea-tree - specifically for any mood swings; where early enthusiasm dissipates because there is no longer any challenge.

SundewRed Lily - for grounding and focus.

Bottlebrush - a first-time mother with the ongoing responsibility of a young baby will often, by necessity, mature quickly.

Dog Rose - many children, and even adults, who are shy and fearful developed these traits as a result of being intimidated and picked on by older siblings, or even one or both parents when they were small.

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces - the inability to keep your own balance and not get swept up in your own emotions or what is going on around you can sometimes be a consequence of inexperience.

Kangaroo Paw - for immature, gauche and naive behaviour.

Red Grevillea - in some instances the sense of ‘stuckness’ could be resolved with more life experience or a broader view of your situation.

Red Helmet Orchid - parenthood is a wonderful opportunity for a man to develop his maturity and sense of responsibility. This essence helps men having difficulty with both, which can manifest in a poor bond the man has with his children or in him being an absent father.

Turkey Bush - if a person starts doing an activity as an adult for the first time since they were a child, this activity will initially resemble the same point when was left as a child. / Turkey Bush will help them to accept their re-starting point and encourage them to continue with it.

Bauhinia - closed to new ideas, new ways of doing them.

Freshwater Mangrove - whenever there is a preconceived concept about how things are or should be.

Slender Rice Flower - racial prejudice resulting from an individual’s direct experience with that group.

Kapok Bush - couldn’t be bothered trying because everything is too hard; giving up easily.

Mountain Devil - cynical and suspicious attitude to life and other people.

Red Grevillea - feeling stuck and not seeing any way out from your current situation which is leading you to be progressively more negative.

Red Helmet Orchid - for rebellious ‘chip on the shoulder’ behaviour and attitude.

Southern Cross - blaming others for your own misfortunes or situation; exhibiting the attitude ‘it’s not fair’.

Sunshine Wattle - expecting the worst of life because of past experience.

Black-eyed Susan- nervous intensity, restlessness and agitation, all of which can be caused or exacerbated by stress or by pushing yourself too far; or it can just be the constitutional make-up of this individual.

Crowea- for excessive worry.

Dog Rose- when caused by shyness, anxiety, fear or phobias.

Jacaranda- triggered by the worry and responsibility around decisions.

Dog Rose- for bad nightmares or fear of their recurrence.

Green Spider Orchid- for nightmares associated with a past life experience.

Grey Spider Flower- for nightmares, usually of an unknown origin.

Boronia- breaks the patterns of obsessive infatuation and repetitive thoughts.

Boronia + Bottlebrush- helps where there are addictive behavioural patterns.

Hibbertia- for the workshop-aholic who keeps acquiring, but not necessarily applying, knowledge.

Yellow Cowslip Orchid- for anyone overly obsessive about rules and regulations or bureaucratic procedures.

Angelsword- enables you to align with your Higher Self Consciousness.

Bush Fuchsia- for hearing and trusting your own intuition and inner wisdom.

Freshwater Mangrove- a wise individual is one who can perceive and accept new understandings and theories or see a new reality by looking from a new perspective.

Green Spider Orchid - helps a person to know when the time is right to share information, knowledge or experiences with others.

Hibbertia - when the intellect is connected to the heart, then true wisdom occurs.

Paw Paw - helps with getting in touch with your own Higher Self and own inner wisdom.

Red Lily -opens the crown and higher chakras to spiritual truths and insights.