Being a Respectful Parent

Being a Respectful Parent

Parenting is definitely the hardest and most rewarding job, as we try to do our best at all times.  Sometimes however we run out of steam or our other life’s duties take over. Our every action influences our child’s emotions and personalities, which can bring up all sorts of encounters with our children. As we all find our own way to support and guide our children with love and respect, sometimes we need a little help.  A first step would be to empathise with your children a lot, instead of trying to fix problems, minimise feelings, distract, control, restrict, or any other parenting 'techniques', just empathise. As all children really want is to be heard and understood, and as they grow, be independent. Also, when needed, try our new remedy essences to help with these matters naturally and gently, helping both you and your children through some of life’s emotional challenges.


Bossy Boots

Bossiness can be common in young children before they learn consideration for others. Children can adopt perfectionist traits that lead to a dominant personality that may be considered demanding and bossy. It is important to teach children to be conscious of others emotions, wants, and needs. Our ‘Bossy Boots’ essence addresses traits of stubbornness and encourages a more acceptive nature. This is great for children who find it difficult to interact with other children or their siblings.


Fuss Pot 

The ‘Fuss Pot’ remedy is for children who is inflexible, controlling and finds it difficult to accept new things. They may have a tendency to nit-pick and fuss when it comes to changing their routine, whether that be new foods, activities, or daily tasks. By taking this remedy essence, they can be more open to try new things rather than immediate dismissal or upset, and open to other people’s point of view and ideas and increased feelings of inner peace.


Toddler Tamer

Children often go through periods of tantrums and upset and find it hard to calm down. This can be very disruptive if it becomes a regular thing and they are hot headed and unpredictable as it can cause much disruption and drama. Our ‘Toddler Tamer’ essence is the perfect way to soothe a disruptive child and allow them to feel peace and balance. It can address rebelliousness, frustration, stubbornness and any accompanying level of manipulation.


Sibling Harmony

Learning to build a sibling relationship can be difficult for children when they struggle with sharing both material items as well as affection and attention. This can be particularly difficult for older children who grew up without the sibling and were used to the parent’s full attention before their sibling was born. Our ‘Sibling Harmony’ can help with feelings of jealousy and bitterness in children to strengthen the sibling relationship and allow them to enjoy each other's company. 

Here at ABFE UK, we have released a full Parenting and Childcare range to help you navigate the journey of parenthood in a natural way. For more information, see our collection or read some of our educational blogs to choose the right essence for you. 

Much Love, Light Respect – ABFE Team UK