Honouring the woman behind ABFE this International Women’s Day.

Honouring the woman behind ABFE this International Women’s Day.

As we gather to mark International Women's Day, we extend an invitation for you to celebrate with us the sacred feminine essence that pervades Mother Nature and the invaluable wisdom carried through the ages by countless women. Central to our festivities is the tale of Ian, a man whose delve into plant-based healing was deeply shaped by the teachings of his grandmother, as well as the legacies of his great-grandmother and great-great-grandmother.

In the dawn of the 1980s, Ian set out on a life-changing journey, propelled by a botanical heritage and a fervent interest in natural cures. Guided by the sagacity of his grandmother, he committed several years to investigating the healing attributes of indigenous Australian flora. His thorough investigations revealed the extraordinary restorative powers of Australian bush flowers — nature's prescription for reinstating equilibrium and tranquillity.

Ian's contemplation on his grandmother's impact serves as a touching testament to the intricate bond between women, the natural world, and the art of healing. Having grown up in proximity to his grandmother, amidst the bushland of a National Park, Ian was presented with a rare chance to inherit her wisdom and acumen. Their shared activities included concocting herbal remedies, engaging in mesmerising bushwalks, and delving into the restorative essence of the surrounding vegetation.

"My grandmother significantly influenced me, particularly in my professional pursuits," Ian reminisces. "I often sense her presence around me in the bush, especially when I'm preparing the Bush Essences."

Although Ian's grandmother and great-grandmother were trailblazers in the study of Australian plant healing properties, their enduring legacy continues through Ian's endeavours. Despite the early loss of his grandmother, Ian's bond with her wisdom and the matriarchal heritage preceding him remains unbroken.

This International Women's Day, let's not only applaud the strides made by women globally but also honour the wisdom inherent in nature itself. Let's commit to valuing the feminine, cherishing age-old wisdom, and fostering a culture of empowerment and concord. Wishing you a joyful International Women's Day!