How to feel beautiful on the inside

How to feel beautiful on the inside

Internal beauty is to harbour beautiful qualities within your personality; such as having a kind and caring heart. Often our inner beauty is conflicted by feelings of insecurity and low self-worth. Australian Bush Flower Essences are on hand to guide you to an elevated sense of self worth, to feel your most beautiful on the inside. 

What is confidence?

Confidence is a state of belief in oneself; it can be in regards to your appearance or your ability to undertake particular tasks or respond in certain situations. Confidence is an important attribute that influences the way in which we carry ourselves; it  also determines whether you will pursue activities or greater aspirations that require courage.  

How to build your confidence 

There are a range of ways individuals can build confidence i.e. Doing more of what you are good at; daily affirmations to build self worth; surround yourself with positive people and environments; change your body language to open and positive communications. The following practices will make for a great basis in a journey to grow your confidence: 

Self Respect

Self-respect is the depiction of your own worth. Having an elevated sense of self respect enables individuals to establish expectations and boundaries in how they are treated. When it comes to other individuals in your life, self respect prevents them from taking advantage of you. You ought to be assertive and confident in your choice to say no. Self-respect will determine how you treat yourself too; you will be kinder and less likely to compromise on your own happiness. 

Take Pride in Your Appearance

There is no denying that looking good helps you to feel good - we feel an unmatched sense of confidence when entering a room looking our finest. Simple physical practices to increase your confidence include: regularly exercising, maintaining good hygiene, wearing colourful clothes that you feel comfortable in. 

Try New Things

Taking on new challenges, and perhaps those which might scare you, will ultimately build your confidence and self belief in your ability to try more - contributing significantly to feeling great, beautiful, strong and capable on the inside. 

Enhancing Internal Beauty with the Australian Bush Flower Essences

Our range of natural products are renowned for improving internal struggles such as with self-image and anxiety. The following ABFE products can assist you in building your inner beauty:

Confid Oral Spray: This natural remedy helps you grow to be true to yourself and believe in your own personal power to enhance self-esteem and confidence. 

Billy Goat Plum Essence: For feelings of shame, embarrassment and self-loathing, and feelings of revulsion about other physical aspects of oneself, such as acne, eczema, a large nose, etc.

Dog Rose Essence: This product helps to build confidence. You will trust yourself more, cast away shyness, face your fears and self-doubt.

Illawarra Flame Tree Essences: This bush essence helps you become more self-reliant and assured in who you are and who you want to be. It also prevents any inhibition of your confidence and personal development; especially if stemming from rejection. 

NEW ABFE Skincare - with the addition of Australian Bush Flower Essences blended to work on an emotional level, balancing and harmonising your overall well being. Billy Goat Plum Flower Essence is one of the key Flower Essences in the skincare to help with acceptance of your physical body and be more open-minded.

Feeling beautiful inside can help you conquer the world - your innermost fears will be defeated and your dreams in reach! In addition to the above practices, Australian Bush Flower Essences want to further assist you on your quest of strengthening your self-belief and growing your inner beauty; shop our range today!