Launch of Parenting and Childhood Essences

Launch of Parenting and Childhood Essences

When children are learning how to act and adapt in such a big world, parents will often look towards natural remedies for their children to help comfort and guide them in the process of growing up. Not only does this help the child, it also assists the parenting journey as you learn how to nurture your child’s path. We have created a selection of natural remedies for children and babies for both the journey of parenthood and childhood.

Bossy Boots

This is a fantastic remedy for helping children to be less bossy. The aim of this essence is to help a child to be open to new experiences and new ways of doing things; address any obsession; assist the perfectionist who is totally unhappy unless things are the way they feel that they should be, and everyone has to do it this way. Gymea Lily is an important essence in this blend as it is for a child who has a very big personality, who always likes to be in charge and tell others what to do. A selection of essences have been included for stubbornness and to help a child to be less focussed on themselves and more open to the needs of those around them. 

Dream Time

Getting children ready to slow down and go to bed can be a very common challenge for parents. This remedy helps to achieve this, working at many different levels. Black-eyed Susan is probably the key Essence in this blend as it helps a child become peaceful, calm and relaxed. This is the Essence for a child who is always interested and curious about everything and doesn’t want to go to bed in case they miss something. This combination also includes Angelsword and Fringed Violet to help protect children from picking up any negativity from their environments. Bottlebrush brings about serenity, by allowing them to let go and surrender to sleep.

Fusspot Remedy

A wonderful Essence Remedy to help transform a child who is nit-picking, inflexible, controlling and pedantic into being open to change and different ways of doing things This Essence helps limit the number of  reactions that occur if things aren’t perfect for them. It’s also for a child who makes up their mind that they don't like something before they have even experienced it. Isopogon has been added for that stubborn controlling personality where children will not accept another way. Enhanced feelings of inner peace are a common outcome of this remedy.

Mumma Jo

This remedy was created to help make mothering more easy and joyful!  A great Essence to give mum a little bit more resilience, calm, and renewal. It strengthens the connection between a mother and her children. It also enhances her intuition and eases any burden of responsibility and overwhelm. Quite importantly it also helps a mother to pay attention to and look after her own needs, not just her family’s.

Sibling Harmony

This remedy is not just creating brotherly love, but both brotherly and sisterly love! Not only will it enhance qualities of forgiveness, compassion and being aware of the needs of others, it will also help to release insecurity, resentment, spitefulness and most importantly jealousy. I would recommend using this Essence both before and after the birth of a new sibling, especially if it’s for a first-born child.

Toddler Tamer

A lovely remedy to soothe and calm an upset child, especially if they are in meltdown or ‘losing it’. It’s not a bad idea for the parent to also take a dose after helping their child through an episode like this.  You can also think of this remedy if you notice any of the early warning signs of a tantrum brewing and about to unfold. There are Essences in this remedy to not only bring about calm and balance, but to also address rebelliousness, frustration, stubbornness and any accompanying level of manipulation. Fortunately, this remedy can work very quickly!